Finding “The One”

Finding “The One”

20140531_135446The house buying process was a looonnnnggg one. I wrote this post after we bought our house but before we moved in. Before we get down to the nitty gritty reno and DIY projects, here is an insight into the period between buying the house and moving in: Step one: Buy a house. Check! My husband, Brandon, and I, are over-the-moon excited and we cannot wait until the move in date. That being said, the process was not an easy one.

We saw no less than 50 houses and put offers in on two others before we 20140531_135148sealed the deal on The One. The first house we put an offer on was great, just what we thought we wanted. When we didn’t get it because it went into multiple offers and our offer wasn’t the highest, I was sure that we would never find anything as good. I pretty much went into mourning for this house. I had an emotional connection to it and knew that nothing would come close to being as perfect for us.

Kitchen… notice the mustard yellow?

The day we went to see The One, I was so excited for a completely different house. It was quaint and charming, a perfect starter for the two of us. Then we got there. Brandon is 6’3” and the upper level and lower level had ceilings lower than 6’. I was CRUSHED. In my defense, we had been looking at houses for months at this point and I just wanted the process to be over. We didn’t have a set date that we HAD to20140531_135306 move by but we had a date that we really really wanted to move by and that was starting to look impossible.

So, needless to say, I was in utter misery. I thought we would never find anything and we would be stuck in our basement apartment (which we loved but was becoming cramped) forever, never to be homeowners. I declared that the next house we saw that day was only good for bulldozing and the dread that we wouldn’t find anything deepened. Then we saw The One. I have to admit that I was blinded by my cynicism when we first walked through the doors. But after Brandon and my mother’s coaxing I started to see the potential. The HUGE potential.

Not the most beautiful bathroom in the world… yet…

20140531_135615On a side note, I have to mention that my mom lives on the other side of the country and I don’t get to see her very often but she assured me that when she came to visit she would be bringing her “angels” with her and that they would help us find a house. I’m not sure about all the spiritual things that she believes in but in this instance it seemed to work out in our benefit so I might be partially converted. We put in an offer on Saturday and then went through the most stressful week of our lives while counter offers were presente20140531_135621d and the home inspection revealed some scary leaks in the basement (the one thing every new homeowner dreads) and then more offers went flying back and forth. Finally, that Friday we had a confirmed sale and it was ours! There is a lot of work to make this Fox Den a cozy home but we are up to it and I hope you follow us through the process.  


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