Penguin Appetizer

Penguin Appetizer

If this isn’t the cutest thing that I’ve ever eaten then I’m a prancing, three legged unicorn. I made these for my wonderful nephew because he is lactose intolerant and was 4 years old at the time so I had to make it fun, especially considering that the rest of us were eating baked apple, cranberry brie so he had to think he was getting the better end of the deal.


– Black olives (please, please, please save yourself a headache and buy PITTED olives… I learned this the hard way)

– Soft tofu

– Carrots


1. Pit the olives if you did not buy pitted olives and then slice the olive lengthwise.

2. Stuff the inside of the olive with the soft tofu so that it opens the olive and you can see the tofu inside.

3. Take another olive, stuff it with soft tofu as well and put it on top of the first olive as depicted in the photo above and then put a toothpick through both from the top so they stick together. Put aside.

4. Cut a carrot into 1/4 inch slices and then cut out a triangle that is 1/8 of the slice. Keep both pieces of the carrot.

5. Place the larger piece of carrot on your countertop, take your olives and put the toothpick into the carrot so that the two olives stand upright. You will see how it is looking like a penguin.

6. Take the small piece of carrot and put it into the tofu in the opening of the top olive to make a beak for the penguin.

All done! Now you just have to work up the nerve to eat them because they are just so adorable.


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