The Dining Room Set Makeover Part 1

The Dining Room Set Makeover Part 1

20150124_162646_HDRThis dining room set is going to be EPIC. I am so out-of-this-world excited! When I first laid eyes on this set, I fell in love. My husband and I joke all the time that our house is the house Kijiji built. I refuse to pay overpriced retail prices, so I go to tent sales, store clearances, garage sales (my favourite Saturday activity!) and I thrift as if my life depended on it. Hunting items down on Kijiji is almost a full time job. New things are loaded every minute and the good items are gone just as quickly. I have a whole system for snatching up the best deals, but that is a topic for another blog.



20150124_162825_HDRI was so excited when I saw this set, I immediately sent the link to my husband, my best friend and my mom. Only my best friend liked it. My mom and my husband couldn’t see past the horrible outdated wood stain and the gaudy yellow velvet fabric… but I couldn’t be swayed. I was in love. I saw the potential. I knew it was gonna be the best darn table and chairs in the whole world.

Today, the journey from ugly to awesome has commenced. First and foremost, I CANNOT say enough about Fusion paint. It went on so smoothly and covered so well. This table and chair set has a LOT of lacquer on it so the finish is very high20150124_162944_HDR gloss. I was doubtful that the paint would adhere at all and dreaded the thought of sanding because there are so many intricate details on the chairs and the table pedestals. I’m also very impatient so I don’t like projects that take a long time. When I get an idea in my head, I want it done as soon as humanly possible.

That’s where my only complaint comes in. It really has nothing to do with the product, but rather with the expectation that was set by the sales representative at the store. The girl I was talking to told me that one jar should be enough to do two coats for all six chairs and the table 20150124_163050base, which I was doubtful about but she insisted it should be enough. The bottle was barely enough to do one coat on the chairs and I couldn’t even start the table (and I wanted to do everything, dang it!). I just wish she had been more forthright about how much I would need and if she didn’t know, I would have appreciated that honesty more. Now I have to figure out a time to go back because they are only open 11-5 Tuesday to Sunday and I am usually at work during those times.

That being said, I bought this at a store in Whitby called Pineapple Street, which is AMAZING. I honestly love it there; there are so many beautiful pieces of furniture and home decor items. It’s really wonderful and I suggest you all to go there and check it out for

Anyways, it is a great product and, unlike chalk paint, you don’t have to wax it when you’re finished. It really is an all in one product, which is fabulous for people with busy lives – one less step.

These photos are the before photos and the first coat on the chairs, which I am over the moon about. Can’t wait for it to be done!

The most labour intensive part was removing the old upholstery but I will do a separate blog about the reupholstering process.

20150124_212225 20150124_212246 20150124_212208_2 20150124_212151

PS – I know I should take my Christmas tree down, but it’s so pretty!!



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