Movie Review: Honeymoon (2013)

Movie Review: Honeymoon (2013)

My husband, Brandon, has this amazing ability to find good horror films that we haven’t seen before. Anyone who loves horror movies and watches them often, knows how much pure crap is out there. Somehow, Brandon finds the good stuff (I always find the absolute worst, bottom of the barrel stuff. The kind of movies that make you curse them for wasting your life).  He also found The Babadook… enough said. If you haven’t read my review on The Babadook, please do so here“Bea” played by Rose Leslie, film still by DP, Kyle Klütz

Honeymoon, directed by Leigh Janiak, does not disappoint. The story is based around a couple on their honeymoon (if the title didn’t give it away) who are so obviously and completely in love it melts your heart. They go to the wife’s (played by Rose Leslie, Ygritte from Game of Thrones!) family cottage and things start to go awry after her husband Paul, played by Harry Treadaway, finds Bea wandering around outside during their first night there. 

honeymoon-sxsw-reviewJaniak perfectly depicts the pure innocent love of the two newlyweds. Leslie and Treadaway are so believable together; they have such an honest and supportive relationship. This makes it all the more heartbreaking when Bea’s character starts acting bizarre and Paul does everything he can think of to help his new wife. This film had me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie. It kept me guessing what was happening right up to the end. It was uncomfortable but mesmerizing; I couldn’t look away. It asks the question, “What would you do if the person you love wasn’t the person you love anymore?”.  I would highly recommend it and would love to discuss it in more detail with anyone that has watched it in the comments below.

Happy watching! Watch the trailer below:


23 thoughts on “Movie Review: Honeymoon (2013)

  1. Sounds interesting… I am always trying to find -good- horror films. The only one I can remember that is recent is It Follows. This sounds like it is more along the lines of psychological horror…. which I like 😀

    BTW I really liked Coherence! Apart from the camerawork… but the story was really cool! I can see why you compared it to Predestination.

    I have a recommendation for you 😀 If you liked those two movies, check out ‘Time Lapse’. Small budget indie flick, veeery similar to Coherence at times but has a neat twist on the whole time travel thing that I think you’d like. In fact I wrote about it a while ago… it must be in my drafts somewhere.

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    1. I haven’t even heard of Time Lapse, but I’m always looking for cool indie films to watch so I’ll try and get this one asap. Thanks for the recommendation! It Follows was great! This one isn’t in the same league as that one but it’s a good psychological thriller. Let me know what you think if you watch it!

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    1. It has a couple similar moments but I liked this one more. I tend to like low budget movies better because I find that when they’re done well, they have “heart”. You can tell that the director is passionate and the actors really want to do the characters justice. They’re doing it because they love it and they haven’t been jaded but the industry yet. This isn’t true in all cases, obviously, but I felt that way about this movie vs. Dark Skies. I hope you like it!


    1. I thought it was the perfect end to their idyllic romance. How else could she show him how much she loved him than by doing everything he could think of to save him… And that salvation ends in his death… Oh. My. God. I thought it was beautiful. Especially after they did such a great job depicting their beautiful, innocent, untainted love. Maybe I’m a romantic, but I thought it was as equally heartbreaking as it was touching.

      I saw the end coming a mile away. We all knew it was aliens but I think that adds to the story. It wasn’t trying to be anything it wasn’t. I’m completely satisfied with how it turned out.

      How did you feel about it?

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      1. Awesome! The end didn’t bother me but I felt like I needed some more closure – like WHY was all of this happening?? And WHAT WAS THAT THING GROWING INSIDE OF HER???? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

        : )

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      2. Yes!! I agree. I don’t like when movies spoon feed you answers but this one definitely left something to be desired. I have some guesses about what the hell was going on but they’re pure guesses. They really didn’t explain anything. It’s on do those movies where you just look at each other and say, “It is what it is.”

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    2. Okay, so I just finished, and I wasn’t crazy about the ending, although I understand why she did what she did and the way she hid her husband to try to “save him”. I mean after seeing her try to make french toast, it’s obvious that the alien consuming her body (or alien growing inside her; whichever it was) was not very intelligent; let’s hope if there is extraterrestrial life out there that they’re a little smarter than this. This was like the ditziest alien ever! lol.

      Okay, I’m going to go take a sleep. At first I thought maybe the girl was using new British slang or something. lol.

      Overall, the movie was okay, but the ending just made it feel a bit pointless for me. It implies basically that the aliens are unstoppable and there was nothing anyone could do. I don’t like that message, as I believe there’s always a way to at least TRY to combat them.

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      1. I see what your saying, it does make the situation seem helpless but sometimes it’s good to watch a movie where everything isn’t resolved in the end. Sometimes the hero doesn’t win. It reminded me of the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (which is brilliant).

        I loved the movie because even when this alien form is taking over her body, you can still see that her love for Paul is what keeps her fighting against it. Yes, she fails, but she tries with all her might and then at the end she does the only thing that makes sense in her degenerating mind to save him and she ends up killing him. That’s heartbreakingly ironic. And then, after she’s “saved” him, she let’s go of the last piece of her humanity.

        I loved Paul and Bea together. They had such great chemistry, I really wanted them to overcome what was happening to them, but they couldn’t. It’s like sometimes people can love each other and that’s not enough. And that’s so terribly sad. Maybe I’m looking into it too much, but I loved it.

        I’ll admit, the very end could have been handled a bit better and some clearer explanation of what was happening would have been nice, but overall I thought Janiak did a great job.


      2. You like this movie b/c it resonated with you on a personal level; those are the films we place in our top favorite lists. That’s why I always ask people what their favorite movie is b/c it actually reveals something about themselves on a deeper level. This was more than a movie to you; perhaps the couple reminded you of you and your husband on some level. Point being, you don’t care about its shortcomings b/c you don’t love it b/c it’s perfect. You love it b/c it resonates inside you…

        I loved “High Tension” but I thought the ending sucked, but I didn’t care and was able to forgive its flaws b/c something resonated inside for me; and that was friendship. The way Marie was willing to risk her own life for her friend and stand up to evil and not cower, etc. I loved it. And that’s why “High Tension” is my favorite horror film of all-time. Damn the stupid ending that didn’t make sense. The first 75 minutes was still brilliant…

        As far as the ending of Honeymoon, I know a film doesn’t always have to have a hero, or a happy ending, etc. and a lot of times when a film reaches for a happy ending, it annoys me and I will drop a few stars on my rating for it. But it seems there’s an ongoing popular trend over the last few years that evil always wins in the horror genre – and it’s getting just as annoying as sappy, happy endings. It’s not just “Honeymoon” per se, but it’s a large percentage of horror films in general. I thought “honeymoon” was okay. It just didn’t resonate with me the way it did with you, and that’s okay. Different films resonate differently in all of us. That’s what makes film talk interesting and fun.

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      3. Absolutely. You make some great points. Most of what movie reviews are is personal opinion.

        I loved High Tension as well. I first watched it years ago and ended up buying it because I thought it was so well done. The ending does take away from it (and actually makes earlier parts in the movie not make sense at all) but, as I’ve said before, a lot of horror movies fall into this same trap.


      4. I liked this movie – I just wish there had been a bit more closure….. that “extraction” scene was just nasty!

        By the way, Gary – I think I might be looking at something for the Most Unclean page on my site….

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      5. Are you referring to the page where you have the “worst of the worst”? You’re about to add a new title?

        *by the way, for both Isaacs & Fox, I created a “MISC. Discussion Board” page on my blog where we can extend in-depth discussions w/out taking over someone else’s comment board. I noticed sometimes my comments would go slightly off-topic from the original post and could interfere w/ the flow of the thread; so I thought a message board dedicated to any subject would be a good way to keep the discussion going, while not disrupting another blogger’s post and comment section, etc.

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