String Ball DIY Fail

String Ball DIY Fail

So, there will be TONS of successes that I will blog about, but every now and then, a fail will sneak itself into my repertoire. This is one of those times. I wanted it to look like this: Hanging-Yarn-Lanterns

It did not. I had such high hopes for this project too. I’m annoyed that it turned out this way. It took a long time to do and it was really gross. I ended up covered in glue and dripping in sweat.

Much as I don’t want to relive the experience, I will. The main components were white glue, a balloon, and string. 20130403_141406

First, I obviously blew up the balloon and then I sprayed it with Pam cooking spray and rubbed is all over the ballon until it was fully covered (it was oddly satisfying). Next, I had problems getting the string covered in enough glue to coat it but not so much as to have great gobs covering it. Eureka! I had a brilliant idea!  Put the glue in bottle with the string and 20130403_142504then poke a  hole in the bottle lid and have the string come through the hole so the excess glue would come off when the string is pulled through the hole! I was really proud of myself for thinking that one up.

Next, I realized I had to hang the ballon because I couldn’t let it rest on the table because it was covered in string that was covered in glue. Lastly, all I had to do was20130403_143203 wrap the gooey string around the balloon. Easy, right? Well… it was not. It was pure aggravation. The string kept slipping off the ends, my hands quickly became a gross, sticky, dirty mess. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind getting good and messy sometimes, but this took the cake and I don’t even have anything to show for it!

20130404_100234When the glue dried the  result was a lacklustre at best, plain ugly at worst. It didn’t look intentional; there was no firm shape and it soon caved in on itself. I suppose I could have used more string, I could have wrapped the string tighter, blah blah blah… I don’t mean any of that… This was just bad and wasn’t worth the effort. I give this project -876/10


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