Dining Room Set Makeover Part 3

Today I did the first coat for the top of the table… I freaking LOVE it. I thought this colour might be too dark, but it’s perfect! Couldn’t be any better. As you can see in the picture, it does dry lighter than it looks while still in the bottle.  This is common with any paint but I hadn’t used this particular paint before so I wasn’t sure.wpid-20150209_092821.jpg

It’s finally coming together, and although it is much less labour intense than it would be if I had to sand and prime everything first, I’m still very excited for it to be done and to get my dining room back. It’s a bit of a DIY war zone in there. Somehow, even though I tarped and drop clothed the floor, there is still paint EVERYWHERE. So that will take a while to clean up, especially considering how this paint is known for adhering to all surfaces. Fun fun… That being said, I wouldn’t go back. I am so overjoyed, can’t-think-of-this-project-without-smiling kind of happy about it.  I’m in love with a table.

Watch my video to see the process and subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates!


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