DIY Barn Board Shelf

DIY Barn Board Shelf

I’ve been doing a lot of food posts this week and not so much DIY. It’s hard when I eat every day and DIY projects take a lot longer (usually).  Keep posted though, because I have some super awesome, out-of-this-world-cool, projects in the works and I promise that they will be worth the wait. They’re great. For real. This project was one of the easier ones. All you need is barn board and brackets. Lucky for me, I have a wonderful aunt who happened to have some barn board laying around (yay family!).


You can be as creative as you want with the brackets. I got standard, opposite-of-fancy, brackets because I’m going for a no fuss no muss kind of feel in my family room. It’s rustic with lots of wood and bursts of colour. The brackets I got are more of a contemporary, industrial feel. You could use brackets that have more of a flourish, or improvise brackets and use pipe. Do what you feel.


So, if you want shelves that look like mine, all you have to do is:

  1. Spray paint your brackets to your desired finish (the colours they come in are just awful). Let them dry. wpid-20141219_180035.jpgwpid-20141219_180538.jpgwpid-20141219_180532.jpg
  2. If you got your barn board from an actual barn you will want to dry brush the dirt off of it. Cut the board to your desired length.
  3. Use a stud finder (you might put something heavy on these shelves and you want them to be secure) and mark out where the brackets will go.
  4. Screw in your brackets. Once you’ve done the first one, make sure you put your shelf on top and use a level to confirm where the second bracket should be.
  5. Finish up with your brackets and screw on the barn board.
  6. Put stuff on your shelf.



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