Movie Marathon March Edition: Loveable Robots

Movie Marathon March Edition: Loveable Robots

Welcome to the first movie marathon recommendation! Going forward, I will recommend a movie marathon on the first Sunday of every month. Lucky you! Today, for the inaugural movie marathon, we broach a subject very dear to my heart: robots. I don’t know what it is but I have such a soft spot for robots. Ever since I was a kid, a robot movie would have me sobbing to the point where my mom would run to me from two floors up because she thought I had been seriously hurt… that’s how loud I was crying. If something happens to a human, no big deal. Robots? Get the tissue ready.


Short Circuit 

Let’s get this party started right. This is the one that started it all for me. I watched this one so much the VHS tape wore out. It’s about an extremely technologically advanced robot, originally designed for the military, who gets hit by lightning and comes to life.  He names himself Johnny 5 after coming across Ally Sheedy’s (from The Breakfast Club) character and nearly destroying her house in his desire to absorb as much input as possible. Steve Guttenberg plays the scientist who designed the robots and is trying to figure out Johnny 5’s malfunction. This movie is a family movie so it is a little goofy; it isn’t a movie masterpiece by any means but it has so much heart. Life isn’t a malfunction, best friends can be found in unexpected places and things aren’t always as they seem.

short circuit


Bishop is one of the great movie robots. He also has the really difficult task of getting us, as the audience, on his side after the hell we went through watching Ash, from Alien, almost kill everyone by trying to use Ripley as a human incubator for the alien. Ugh. Poor Bishop, living that one down is pretty tricky. But somehow we learn to trust him and even rely on him and he kicks some serious ass. Also, the knife trick is pretty awesome. Add to all that that this movie is pretty freaking awesome and you are on your way to movie heaven.


I, Robot

Ok, the last spot in this movie marathon was hard to pick. There are so many great robots out there! I didn’t have very high expectation for this movie when I first saw it so maybe that’s why I like it so much.  Funny how that works out, huh? Anyways, this is a movie about a future world in which robotic advancements are getting to the point where humans are relying on them to do most of their simple, day to day tasks and Will Smith, our main character, doesn’t trust them. Enter Sonny, a robot that seems to be demonstrating human emotions and wants to help Smith solve the puzzle around the Three Laws of Robotics and how the other robots have taken a malevolent turn. It’s a movie full of action, twist, turns and a pretty decent plot line.


If you have time…


I love this movie so much. I only wanted to put one family movie on the official marathon and Short Circuit had the nostalgia factor but this movie is a-freaking-mazing. It has so much heart. It makes me ball my eyes out every time. Plus, it’s an interesting social commentary and the lack of actual dialogue is a nice break. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Watch it now!



 This one almost made the list too. Three movies isn’t enough! Kevin Spacey voices the robot GERTY who is Sam Rockwell’s only companion during his three year mission on the moon. Now that I’m writing this, I might actually like it better than I, Robot. You decide which one you’re more in the mood for. I, Robot is more of an action movie and this is more of a pyschological thriller. This movie has a phenomenal script, is truly a unique concept and Rockwell’s performance is top notch. Watch this one too.   


On a side note, this is a perfect precursor for Chappie, which comes out soon. I’m excited to see it but I’m holding back any opinions until I do. I will be seeing it when it comes out and I will be writing a review, so keep posted for that.


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  1. Moon is one of my favourite Sci-Fi’s! Check out my review if you get a chance. As for Wall-E, it’s on my Blind Spot Series and I’ve never seen it before so it’ll have to wait a little longer but I’m excited as I’ve only heard great things

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