Who am I? I’m a walrus

Who am I? I’m a walrus

I realize that I never fully introduced myself. Sure, I have a short blurb in my About section and I talk a little about myself in each post, but you don’t really know anything about me. I could be some crazy axe wielding psychopath on a quest for vengeance or, better yet, world domination. So here it is, the low down on who I am, what I’m doing here and where I’ve come from. First thing to know about me: I have a flair for the melodramatic.

I am a twenty something graduate from York University where I took a Fine Arts program called Creative Ensemble. It’s a program of less than twenty students who work together in groups to devise works from different source material.  It’s a great program and I created some shows that I am incredibly proud of.

I left that program and had dreams of being an actor. I got myself an agent and went on auditions and then I changed my mind. I went to one too many auditions where the director was asking me to “be as sexy as possible” or “give this guy a really seductive lap dance, kiss his neck and pull his hair.” I also kept getting asked if I would go to auditions for soft core porn or roles that involved nudity and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

I decided to fire my agent and I told myself that I would go back to it in a month, I just needed a little break. And then I never went back to it. I guess I was scared, I didn’t want to go through those uncomfortable situations anymore. I still love performing, I love being in front of a crowd and sharing my soul. I just felt like I had so much to offer; I had potential and talent and I wasn’t able to share any of that because all I was being asked to do was shake my butt. I do feel like I gave up a little. I didn’t push as hard as I should have, but we make our decisions and then we live with them.  Sorry, this is starting to feel like a pity party.

Good did come from it.  I got engaged, then married, and we just bought a house (yay!). I wouldn’t have been able to do all that if I was still running around to auditions and working part time. But something was missing. I’m not the kind of person that can work all day, come home, watch TV, go to bed and repeat. I needed something more. I needed to do something, I needed to share that something with other people. Enter The Creative Fox Den.  I love to write, I love to cook, I love art projects and I love movies. So I figured, let’s put all that together.

I had actually been thinking about it for a while but the wedding kept me busy and then there was Christmas (where I always go a little overboard) and now I have no excuses.  I can be indecisive; it can take me a while to commit to an idea and I’ve decided to throw that part of myself out the window. I’m committed to thinking of something and doing it, no matter how big the project is.

I will be doing everything from remodelling my kitchen, to building a new deck this summer, to covering my walls in creative art projects. That, along with movie recommendations and some (if I do say so myself) pretty delicious recipes and you’re in for one heck of a good time. I can’t wait to connect with other like minded people and see where this takes me.

So, follow me on my journey.  I promise you won’t regret it.


PS – For those of you that didn’t get the reference right away, the title of this post is a line from The Breakfast Club. Maybe my favourite line, said by my favourite character, Brian. I have a thing for nerds. Nerds, robots and aliens.


20 thoughts on “Who am I? I’m a walrus

  1. That is the problem with auditions for young people. I struggle to get anything worthwhile and I can only imagine what it is like for a woman. There must be so much utter crap to trudge through. There needs to be something done about strong female roles in modern cinema. I get that you are going to get the occasional ‘act sexy on film’ role, but you would like to think that they wouldn’t outnumber the good ones. I hope you find time to get back to it.

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    1. I agree. It’s really unfortunate that actors have such a hard time and don’t really get the opportunity to prove themselves. Then you watch some movies and you’re like, “How the hell did that actor get that role? They’re horrible!” Maybe one day, when my life isn’t so hectic, I will give it another go. I just didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere and the industry wasn’t something I wanted to be associated with at the time. In hindsight, there are negatives to everything, it’s seeing the positive and watching movies that are great and aren’t exploitive (although, if the actors don’t care about being exploited and they aren’t put in a position where they feel uncomfortable then exploit away, I say). Anyways, thanks for your comment and I hope everything works out for you!! I love your blog and I will keep following it!

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  2. I have a background in theater as well, but theatrical auditions are different from film. I’m sorry someone demeaned you in that way, but as you said, it lead to better things in your life. Good for you!

    Cute blog title. I wish you great success. (Actually, you are already successful…you’re here!)

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    1. Thank you! And yes, it was mostly music videos and alcohol commercials, so that explains it, haha! I feel like it could be different if I went back to it but I’m happy with how things are in my life right now. It’s cliché but I do think everything happens for a reason.

      I really appreciate your words of encouragement.

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    1. Yeah, I’m sure some of it had to do with my agent and that I still hadn’t really built a name for myself but it was very uncomfortable. I know some people who didn’t go those kinds of auditions, I just decided the industry wasn’t for me at that point. Thanks! I’m really loving blogging so far and I’m happy I found something else to be passionate about


  3. Your blog seems really cool so far! The idea of a “creative fox den” sounds fun! Because who doesn’t love foxes? And creativity? Not me, that’s for sure! 🙂


  4. I was just going through Blogging101 posts and was caught by the title of yours, especially because of the ‘animal clash’ – walrus in post title, fox in blog title. An, no, I didn’t get the reference (I’ve heard about the movie a lot, never seen it). And the name of your blog intrigued me. Anyways, the point I’m trying to get at is that your blog’s story sounds a teensy bit like mine – the thinking about doing a thing and having various reasons for not doing it and then deciding to just jump in. Definitely can relate to that.
    Good luck with your blog!


  5. Can’t stop staring at your instagram photos! Your food looks incredible and now I’m hungry! Love that you call yourself melodramatic, I can definitely relate. I will be following your blog 🙂 xx


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