Friday Night Movie Recommendation: Pan’s Labyrinth

Friday Night Movie Recommendation: Pan’s Labyrinth

This is my favourite movie of all time so you guys are in for one heck of a treat. It is such a beautiful film; visually stunning and emotionally gripping. The story takes places right after the Spanish civil war and follows young Ofelia as she and her pregnant mother move in with her mother’s new husband. He is a sadistic army captain and Ofelia does everything she can to try and help her mother as she becomes sicker and sicker. One day, Ofelia ventures into a labyrinth on the property and finds a mythical faun named Pan at the centre. Pan tells her that she is a lost princess and she can return to her underground kingdom if she completes three dangerous tasks.


I honestly cannot say enough about this movie. Guillermo del Toro weaves together a breathtaking story as the director. I have never seen a story teller better at his craft then del Toro at the helm of this film. He takes the audience on an incredible journey I was more than happy to follow him on.

This movie holds some of the most memorable scenes that I can remember. There is a scene where Ofelia has to go into the lair of the Pale Man for one of her tasks and I honestly couldn’t breath until it was over. This isn’t just a compelling fantasy movie, it is a terrifying horror film as well. On that note, I really need to point out that it is not for children. Because of it’s fairytale feeling, I heard of a lot of people that thought they could watch it with their children and that is definitely not a good decision. Not only is it very scary, but it has quite a bit of violence in it as well.


I also have to take some time to sing my praises for Doug Jones, the actor in the Pan suit (he also played the Pale Man). He is such an incredible physical actor whose talents know no bounds. All of the actors in this film are extremely talented actors. There really isn’t anything negative I can say about this movie. The musical score really struck a cord as well; it was haunting and beautiful.

It also received enormous amounts of critical acclaim. It got 22 minutes of applause when it was shown at Cannes Film Festival and won 3 Academy Awards in 2007.

If you decide to watch this movie tonight, I know you won’t regret it.


Disclaimer: It is a foreign film and as such, it is subtitled. Don’t let that throw you off though, it is worth the watch. It’s also available on Netflix.


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    1. Thank you! He’s a creative genius. He did a seminar on Alfred Hitchcock at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto (I think it was either last year or the year before) and my husband surprised me with tickets because he knows how much I love him. He’s so smart and insightful. It was such a great experience. I’m so excited for his upcoming projects!

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