DIY World String Art Part 1

This. Project. Is. Awesome. But I did have to break it up into a couple different parts because this one took a very lonnnnnggg time. It was worth it but it was lengthy so be prepared if you’re doing it on the scale that I did. You can definitely do the same thing in a smaller version and it will cut the time significantly. I’m going to be posting the first two steps here and the other 2 steps on tomorrow’s post.


Step One: Get Your Backdrop

There are so many options here! I’ve seen lot of people glue cork together for their backdrop, that way you just put the nails in and there is no hammering required. You could also get a nice piece of hardwood and stain it or even use a hard surface like tile and hot glue your nails to it (that would be so tedious though, so I wouldn’t do that). I used a piece of plywood that I got from Home Depot and they cut it to the dimensions that I wanted. I wanted the wood texture and I love how rough and unfinished it is. Once I had the plywood, it was time for paint.


Remember that Antiquing Tough Coat Sealer that I bought for the dining room set makeover when I just needed the Clear Tough Coat and the store I bought it from did not accept returns? Well, I found a use for it! First thing was to paint a coat of that on the plywood to give the wood a darker, richer feel. Once that dried, I did a gold wash over to give it a bit of a shimmer.  To do a wash, you just have to mix 1 part water for every 2 parts paint and then use a regular brush to brush it over your surface. Do you see the gold sparkle??wpid-20150218_191221.jpg

Lastly, I dry brushed the gold and aqua onto the board once the gold wash was dry.  Dry brushing is when you put as little paint as possible on the brush and then apply it to a dry surface. The effect is that the paint will look scratchy and broken up.

Step Two: Hammer in Those Nails

I have a video for this one! Give it a watch and let me know if you have any questions.


If you have an image on your computer you can blow it up using a website called Rasterbator. I used it for my globe image and it worked perfectly.

Remember to send me pictures if you tried this project for yourself!


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