The Free Office Renovation Project

The Free Office Renovation Project

Ok, guys, here it is! I’m so pumped for this renovation experiment. I’m going to completely renovate my office for free. That being said, I have to admit that I did replace the flooring and I painted the walls when we moved in, so that’s already done and it certainly wasn’t for free but EVERYTHING else will be. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to do this but I’m determined.

As an introduction to this new project, I wanted to share some of my inspirations and the offices that my little office aspires to be.

I love this wall unit by Lolly Jane  with the chevron pattern backdrop! It’s beautiful and has so much storage. I also love the idea of mason jars for storage. I happen to have a lot of mason jars in my basement, that counts as free!


Fussy Monkey Business did such a wonderful job on this craft room. I love the beautiful pops of colour and the wire board for hanging things from. I think a good ol’ dumpster dive could scrounge one of those up.


I am so in love with this room. The colour palette is to-die-for. I would say that though, considering my walls are painted the same colour, haha!  Craftaholics Anonymous means business when it comes to DIY and this room screams professional. It makes me so happy.


This room is so chic and sophisticated. It’s the definition of modern elegance. Dream Green DIY has a whole house full of great ideas but I think I like the office the most. Take the tour around her house. It’s pretty inspiring.


Last, but certainly not least is the office of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs. Check out this link to see how she did these amazing chairs. I also adore the wall art. Such a great idea.


There are so many creative ideas in these rooms, I can’t wait to create my own creative oasis. I want to make an environment conducive to creative thought and dedicated to my upcoming projects. I have faith that I can make an awesome space for little to no cost. I know I said free earlier but if I’m being honest, I have to accept the possibility of a couple minimal expenses. But I will do my very very best!

Keep posted. Awesome ahead!


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