Friday Night Movie Recommendation: Let the Right One In

Friday Night Movie Recommendation: Let the Right One In

So, I got all caught up with The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award and completely forgot that it was Friday! Add to that, the fact that I was on vacation at the beginning of the week and I’m working all weekend and it makes sense how Friday passed me by. Not excusable, I know. I feel like I let you guys down and it won’t happen again. To make up for it, I’m recommending a movie that is crazy awesome, blow-your-mind incredible and all around damn-near-perfect. I think you’ll feel the same way if you give it a try.


*I know it’s now Saturday, but I’m still calling this Friday Night Movie Recommendation. Go with it.

Let the Right One In is a Swedish film about a young boy named Oskar who befriends the new girl, Eli, who has moved into the apartment next door.  Coinciding with Eli’s arrival are a rash of brutal murders, which Oskar soon realizes are committed by Eli, who is a vampire.  They are both social outcasts, with no one else of great importance in their lives and they develop a beautifully eerie relationship in this atmospheric tale directed by Tomas Alfredson.


There’s something so innocent and endearing about childhood love, especially when it comes in as unconventional a package as this one. Oskar and Eli are drawn together by their inability to create relationships with other people and they come to love each other (as much as a twelve year boy and a vampire can) because they are the only people that completely understand the other. They can communicate without speaking; they know each other’s thoughts and how the other is feeling. It isn’t a supernatural thing either, it isn’t explained away in some “vampire sense” kind of way. They just have an unbreakable connection.


This is what vampire movies should be. Vampires don’t sparkle in the sun, they aren’t cute or unearthly beautiful.  They are creatures of the night, desperately trying not to lose what little humanity they have left; trying to make connections and not being able to relate to anyone. This film perfectly depicts that sense of darkness and unease. There is enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat and your heart pumping. If you want to be finish the movie feeling a little unsettled and dirty, then this is the movie for you.


The storytelling here is so well done; Alfredson created a narrative that works on so many levels. For example, Eli’s vampiric character and tendencies are an ideal physical representation of Oskar’s repressed rage. He is never able to fully express himself and the constant bullying that he endures makes him feel weak and helpless. Then, at his lowest moment, someone enters his life that is able to demonstrate the strength and power that he has never been able to. It’s an interesting look into the effect that bullying has on a person and how they can withdraw into themselves to create an imaginary world where they are the powerful ones, or their alter ego is. In this sense, Eli can be seen as Oskar’s alter ego.

Just a thought. Overall though, this is one of the best horror films that I have ever seen and I highly recommend that you watch it. Trust me, this movie will more than make up for the fact that the recommendation is coming a day late.



There was an American adaptation featuring Chloe Grace Moretz called Let Me In, which is still pretty good but, unless you have a complete aversion to foreign film and reading subtitles, you really have to give this original version a watch.


11 thoughts on “Friday Night Movie Recommendation: Let the Right One In

  1. GREAT post, Melissa!!! I loved this movie!!! I did a post comparing the two versions once and, in the end, I went with the U.S. version as my favorite. They’re both GREAT but I identified with the kid in the American one more – plus there was a little more action.


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    1. Thanks! This is such a great film! The American version is good too but I prefer this version. It seemed a little more honest. If that makes sense. Sometimes American versions take some of the sincerity out of it (though they generally do have more action). Oskar is a little bit of a weirdo but I have a thing for loaners and nerds so I really liked his character. So glad you liked this one!

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      1. It was a tough call – I liked the Swedish Eli more but then the U.S. kid better. Both pool scenes rule THE MOST!!!

        Have you ever seen “Sauna”??


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      2. #themost

        I really like Sauna – it might be hard to find though. I’ve recommended it to a few people but no one can ever find it….


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  2. I wondered where the friday night movie went to! I think I’ve had either this or the american adaptation in my netflix queue for a while now, I may have to tear myself away from watching the saw movies in order to check this out.

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