Friday Night Movie Recommendation: Dark Skies

Friday Night Movie Recommendation: Dark Skies

I watched this movie last summer and it just popped up on my Netflix spotlight so I figured there was no better time to recommend that you guys watch it than now.


Dark Skies follows an average American family who are dealing with strange occurrences that have started happening around their home. Everything seems to be easily explained away the first couple times, like the open fridge and mess of food all over the floor could just be a stray animal that got into the house. All the sensors of the alarm system being tripped at the same time is a system malfunction but the more these things happen the more undeniable it is that there is something else going on.


I really liked the quote at the beginning of the film. It sets the mood for the film and it made me think about whether we are alone in the universe or not. This whole movie really made me start to consider the idea that if there were other sentient beings in the universe, they wouldn’t necessarily reveal themselves to us. They could be hiding among us (Ok… that’s enough paranoid, conspiracy theory mentality).


This movie does have some typical horror movie cliches and it isn’t the most innovative or original concept but what it does bring to the table is great acting (I love Keri Russell), a very creepy atmosphere and some good quality jumps and scares. The family dynamic is also pretty great. I love how the brothers talk on their walkie talkies at night but they still make fun of each other and tease each other at other times. As someone with a younger brother that I love to death, I know how much you want to throttle your siblings sometimes, especially when you’re younger and everything they do just pisses you off. It’s the mentality that you can screw with your sibling as much as you want but as soon as someone else does, you’re ready to rumble.


When I watched this movie the first time it launched me into an alien phase where I watched every movie about aliens that I could get my hands on. More aliens among us as opposed to aliens in space.  And let me tell you, there really aren’t that many great alien movies out there. I’ve just now decided to do a top 10 aliens post so keep your eyes open for that gem. But this will definitely be on that list.


Back to Dark Skies, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great movie with a surprise appearance by J.K. Simmons as the ” crazy expert” (I told you there were cliches) and it certainly delivers on the creepy factor.

Give it a watch and let me know what you think.


20 thoughts on “Friday Night Movie Recommendation: Dark Skies

  1. I actually just watched this one a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty decent. The husband annoyed me, though; he was clueless about women. I think it did a good job of crafting a tense thriller and story.

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    1. I find that in a lot of movies! One of the people in the relationship just doesn’t have a clue. You’re right about this one in particular, he seemed particularly clueless. It definitely had some tense moments, though. I would for sure be in the looney bin if something like this happened to me.


      1. That’s a very good point!!!! I just felt sorry for him, it was a bit harsh. One of the parent’s could have sacrificed themselves. It seemed a bit bleak for the kid.

        A very – pleasantly surprisingly – good film! And a bit creepy too!!!!!

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      1. It seems creepy enough to me, like in signs when they freeze frame the home video on the news and you see the alien outline, or in megan is missing when the girl is filming herself and you see the silloutte of her stalker watching her.

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      2. Yes! “It’s behind!” I love Signs. I also love how funny it is at some times (when they’re wearing their foil hats). I haven’t seen Megan is Missing. Would you recommend it?


      3. Do not, I repeat do not, watch Megan is Missing. It is bad creepy in a “on my deathbed I will remember several scenes from that movie and be pissed and feel gross” way.

        I will try and review it since i am stuck with those memories anyhow. It should be sufficient to explain why it should be avoided.

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