DIY Easter Centrepiece

DIY Easter Centrepiece

Hello all and happy almost Easter! Today, in the spirit of Easter, I have a super easy DIY project for you that you can make today to grace your Easter dinner table tomorrow. I needed to make something that took virtually no time and came out looking great because I have 24 guests coming for dinner (yikes!) and lots of work to do.


I got everything for this project at the dollar store (what don’t they have – it’s incredible) except my heavy duty glue gun, which I love. Honestly, how epic is this glue gun?  Funny enough, I actually found it in the basement with a bunch of other stuff that got left behind by the previous owner. Who does that? Who leaves behind such an amazing glue gun. They must have had a sense that an avid crafter was moving in and they left it as a house warming gift. That’s what I’m going with.


These bunnies are from the dollar store too! How cute are they! Now that i’m looking at them though… the one in the back does look a little menacing…

Anyways, back to the task at had. The pictures sum it up pretty well but all I did was:


Start with an empty bucket.


Put a clear, plastic garbage bag in the bucket as a filler.


Put the egg on top.


Glue some of them to each other so they don’t come falling down all over the place when someone accidentally touches it.


Done! Now you can stand back and admire your work.





wpid-dsc_0936.jpg  wpid-dsc_0934.jpg  wpid-dsc_0935.jpg


Before you run off and do whatever it is you do, I wanted to send a big thanks out to everyone reading this and everyone that has been following my blog. You guys are awesome.

So, enjoy your time with your friends and family, eat until you burst, find all the little eggs and have an incredibly happy Easter!


15 thoughts on “DIY Easter Centrepiece

    1. Thanks! I really love the bunnies too, especially considering they’re from the dollar store. Yeah… it was pretty crazy but everything worked perfectly and my mother in law and aunt (in law? Are aunts “in laws” too?) where there to help 🙂

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      1. I bet it was a fantastic day! Family, food and everyone together – what more could you wish for 🙂

        Yeah aunt-in-law sounds okay to me!! Even if it’s not technically correct we’ll make it so!!

        They are so cute!!!! Lovely bunnies 🙂

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