Friday Night Movie Recommendation: In Fear

Friday Night Movie Recommendation: In Fear

Feel like going for a romantic vacation with your sweetie? What happens when you get lost on some country roads? No big deal, right? Well, what happens when you’re still lost hours later? Still calm? Now, imagine that there’s someone out there somewhere and he’s intentionally trying to scare you and… you don’t know what else. Losing it now? I sure as hell would be. That’s the premise for today’s Friday Night Movie Recommendation and let me tell you, if scary and tense is what you want, this one will not disappoint.

in fear

In Fear is an intense psychological horror that takes place in one night as a newly dating young couple, played by Alice Englert and Iain De Caestaecker, tries to escape an unseen tormenter as they are driving through the rural countryside on their way to a romantic inn for the night and they get completely lost and stuck going in circles. The movie almost entirely takes place in a moving vehicle, which makes it another example how a good director, in this case Jeremy Lovering, can still make an incredible movie with little to no budget and it will still grasp our attention, put us on the edge of our seat and be innovative all at the same time.

The  movie plays up some of our most primitive fears, like the inescapable claustrophobia of being stuck in a car while simultaneously being even more afraid that you’ll have to get out of the car. It delves into a deep seeded fear of the dark as the movie slowly progresses from dusk to night and you can’t see past beam of the headlights.

In Fear

The dialogue is highly improvisational which heightens the tension and drives home their personal fears. They aren’t comfortable enough with each other to fully let their guards down and their lack of familiarity makes them seem even more alone in this ordeal. I’ve mentioned before in my Coherence post and I noticed it in another movie that I’ve watched recently which I’ll be reviewing in a couple days, that in a lot of horror and thriller movies the characters seem to completely lose their cool as soon as things start to deteriorate. They don’t let the situation unfold naturally, they just jump to the worst possible conclusion and work their way backwards from there. I didn’t feel that way with this movie. The tension mounts perfectly and the characters are so relatable. In most movies, I completely dissociate myself with the characters when they start to unravel but not in this one. I’m unravelling right there with them.

IN FEAR_5912.jpg

The only downside is when all the perfectly built tension and the character development lead to a pretty disappointing third act. As in most horror movies, the ending doesn’t live up to the beginning. It’s still a great movie that deserves a watch though, especially for it’s innovative style and genuine moments of tensions and fear.

Give it a watch and let me know what you think.



26 thoughts on “Friday Night Movie Recommendation: In Fear

  1. Nice review. I saw In Fear at a festival last year, and it brought to mind Wolf Creek in Ireland. I’m looking forward to the rewatch.


  2. I really appreciate small budget movies that are actually good. Especially with so many not-small budget movies being bad and small budget movies being freaking disasters. I know, because I seem to watch them all.

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