Easy & Delicious Breakfast Oatmeal

Easy & Delicious Breakfast Oatmeal

Good morning, all! To get you started on this lovely Thursday, I have a quick post of what I had for breakfast. It was quick, easy, delicious and healthy! What more could you ask for?


I used a prepackaged individual oatmeal (see photo) and added a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. I then put in the boiling water, so it would help melt the peanut butter. After that, I just threw some strawberries and bananas on top. The only suggestion I would give is to try and use a ripe banana because it will taste more sweet.


How easy is that? Who said eating healthy doesn’t taste good? Another great point to mention is that this will keep you full until lunch. There’s nothing worse than eating something and being hungry 30 minutes later, which is how I feel with some healthy food options. The natural peanut butter in this recipe really helps with that. I just got on the natural peanut butter bandwagon and I have to say that it is growing on me. I don’t like to have it on it’s own on toast or anything like that because I do find the taste overpowering compared to traditional peanut butter and the texture is really thick, but I do like it in recipes as an addition to other flavours.

wpid-dsc_000001.jpg wpid-dsc_0010.jpg wpid-dsc_000001.jpg

What is your go-to breakfast?


28 thoughts on “Easy & Delicious Breakfast Oatmeal

      1. Vegemite is as Australian as the phrase ‘Fair Dinkum”. There are youtube videos of Americans trying it, funny stuff. It looks like they are thinking it is some sort of Nutella-like chocloate spread….. no no no!

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  1. Wow that looks freakin’ nice! I switched to a vegan diet a few months ago and feel like a different person, and am always looking for new and easy healthy recipes – over half my food intake is fruit/seed/spinach smoothies, so its always nice to have a few other options. I can cook a stir fry and that’s about it!!

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      1. I figure you’ll appreciate this. I’ve been playing this game for a month and for two weeks I’ve been trying to find this stupid wicker basket so I could lift a curse off of my field. Well, Melissa – I FINALLY FOUND THE STUPID BASKET AND THEN THE CURSE WENT AWAY AND THEN MY POTTERY GOT THE CURSE I THINK I AM GOING TO CROAK!!!!

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