Bedroom Light DIY

Bedroom Light DIY

Good morning, lovelies! I have lots of new recipes and movie reviews for you guys but, for the life of me, I can’t find the time to work on a DIY project. I have a couple ideas rummaging through my brain but haven’t gotten around to doing them yet. As such, I thought I’d revisit an old DIY post for some of my newer followers to check out. Have an awesome day!

The Creative Fox Den

What do you get when you add driftwood and a lightbulb? Decor genius. I am so crazy in love with this project! We had an ugly ceiling fan in the bedroom since we moved in and it was high time that it hit the curb. It was abhorrent… and, that aside, the light portion didn’t even work – it didn’t even perform it’s main function! Talk about not living up to your potential. 20150201_132627_LLSIMG_20150125_125626 So, I had been pondering what to do in there for a light for a while. Then, one day, while perusing the aisles of the local Home Sense (have I mentioned how much I love Home Sense? It’s a lot anyways) and there it was… a dilapidated driftwood ball. It retailed for $49.99 but was literally falling apart so it was on clearance for $32. I love a good clearance item.

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12 thoughts on “Bedroom Light DIY

  1. It’s funny – down in your Facebook grid – there’s always a picture of this female that looks like one of my good friends named Cathy… I’m always “Cathy???”

    : )

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      1. Nope!! Ramen Noodles…….

        Hey!! Don’t all chicks dig firemen? There’s a bunch of hunky firemen in my lobby right now – you should come see me!

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