White Wine Sangria

White Wine Sangria

Hello and good morning! Anyone feeling like some sangria? I am! I made this a couple weeks ago and it was a-freaking-mazing. I popped over to Kim’s site at Tranquil Dreams and checked out her white wine sangria recipe, then I perused the web a little and then I figured out what I could do with what I had on hand and then presto changeo – this is the recipe that I ended up with. If you’re more into red wine, check out my Red Wine Sangria recipe.

white wine


  • The juice of 5 oranges – slice up half of one and put it in the sangria to make it look pretty.
  • Whatever fruit you have on hand (except banana – I don’t think that would be very good). I used apples, pears, nectarines and kiwis.
  • White wine. I used a box (because I’m classy like that) of sauvignon blanc. The rest of the ingredients are based on how much wine I used. This recipe is good if you are having a lot of guests over and they are all drinking sangria. If it’s just a couple people, cut the recipe down accordingly.
  • 2 cups of bourbon.
  • 1½ litres of Sprite or 7 Up (or any lemon/lime soft drink)



  1. Mix all of the above except your soft drink together. SIDEBAR: Do you guys call soft drinks pop? Because here in Canada, it’s called pop but I heard somewhere that everywhere else you use the term soft drink (which we also use here but it sounds odd and strangely formal when people say it).
  2. Let your sangria sit in the fridge overnight. This is the most important step. Don’t skip it.
  3. Add the soft drink (pop) before serving.
  4. Drink



43 thoughts on “White Wine Sangria

      1. Definitely! I’m concocting my white wine sangria for summer next week. I was just thinking, Pineapple, Mango and Starfruit might be pretty awesome. I was just thinking if some other Asian fruits would work also…I’ll go scan T&T ..haha!

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      1. I may have to buy some fruit and make a drink like this, except I need to figure out a different base since I don’t drink alcohol. Maybe just plain distilled water with a little sugar and the fruit mixed in.

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  1. In the south-region of the US, it’s referred to as “soda”. But people up north refer to it as “pop”. Although I’m pretty sure you can call it pop or soda anywhere in the US and people will know what you mean. I don’t recall people calling it “soft drink” often. People very often say “Coke” b/c Coco-cola is widely popular; people call Pepsi “Pepsi”. And people will call Mountain Dew “Mountain Dew”. So, if a particular soft drink is popular enough, it will be called specifically by name. Another one is “Sunkist” which almost always means orange soda.

    Speaking of, I wonder if Mountain Dew in place of Sprite/7-Up, would give your Sangria recipe a kick? It fulfills that citrus need, and has a stronger (and I think better) flavor.

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      1. I like to experiment and make different kinds of drinks (non alcoholic). I mixed Sprite, Hawaiian Punch and Lime Sherbet and thought it was pretty good – but then I replaced the sprite with mountain dew and added Sunkist “Peach” soda, and it’s awesome. Mountain Dew, Sunkist Peach, Hawaiian Punch w/ sherbet. What God serves in Heaven! 🙂

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  2. Fizzy soft drinks are often called pop by a lot of older people where I live in Manchester, they also call tap water “Corporation pop”… maybe it’s a north of England thing?
    Mel, I’ve just come across your post after spending 4 hours delivering in the hot sun and I could happily down a litre of your sangria.Sadly I’ll have to made do with humble mineral water.

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      1. Um….ah…..um……..well…..


        Older people in the UK!!!!!! Only British people who say “pop” are old. Fact!

        My friend always calls it “fizzy pop” as well 🙂 and she’s…..28 I think.


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      2. Yes to both! Lol. I think anyway! Yes. Why not?!

        His dad played Doctor Who which is pretty cool! I’ve always liked him, not sure why, don’t see him in many movies but when I do, I usually like the movie. Plus he’s always come across really nice on TV interviews etc!

        And I’m just mad ha ha.

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  3. I am currently not drinking (it’s been 7 weeks and counting) but this looks so good! In the UK I’ve not heard anyone refer to a soft drink as pop.

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    1. I knew it was a Canadian thing! Thanks for clarifying. I had gone through the post writing pop and then thought that that might be a Canadian term, haha!
      Good for you! That would be hard for me a I like nothing more than a glass of wine after a stressful day or a cold beer on the patio but all it is is empty calories so you’re the smart one!


  4. Mmmmmm I love Sangria! Looks delicious ❤

    And are you enjoying that outside on the beautiful decking? 🙂

    I'm off to Spain in a couple of weeks so will make sure to drink plenty!!! 😀 (I usually do!)

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    1. I love sangria too 🙂 It was raining this day so I just ooh it out for pictures and then had to drink it inside unfortunately. Just another reason to make another batch though… so I can drink it outside, where it’s meant to be drank, haha!
      I’m so jealous of your trip. That will be so much fun! Take lots of pictures!

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      1. Oh I like that logic!!! And perhaps you need one just for the trip? From the deck to the kitchen I mean. So maybe…three jugs?!

        My friend got in a huff once and refused to drink some sangria we ordered because the restaurant put a whole banana in it! Ha ha, not sure why I mentioned that apart from it was funny.

        Thanks Mel, I will!!!! Spain is the classic holiday for the British – cheap & cheerful – and the good weather we never have!! Only takes a couple of hours to fly there. I can’t wait!

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      2. About right….for starters!!!

        Yeah but a WHOLE banana haha! Just floating lol

        Yeah it tasted good! It’s annoying to drink sometimes with all the fruit floating into your mouth haha but I guess that’s what straws were invented for!


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