Friday Night Movie Recommendation: The Raid: Redemption

Friday Night Movie Recommendation: The Raid: Redemption

I was still debating what to recommend you guys this Friday night when Gary over at The Critical Critic mentioned that he thought this week’s Wednesday Night Kitchen RAID was a review of the movie The Raid at first glance. He mentioned he hadn’t seen it and then my good friend David from That Moment In said that he hadn’t seen it and planned on watching tonight anyways while eating some Asparagus Soup and that was all it took for me to decided to review it tonight. You guys should thank Gary and David. The Raid is an epic action movie, filled with some of the most incredible fight scenes that I have seen in any movie.

The Raid is about a rookie member of a top notch special forces team named Rama (Iko Uwais) who is asked to hang back and keep a lookout while the rest of the team completes their mission to enter a decrypt thirty story building to take out the mob boss who runs it on the top floor.  This building is filled with the most deplorable assortment of people you can imagine. There are murderers, drug dealers, gangsters, thieves, and every other type of bad guy there is. When someone sees the special forces team on their way inside the building, the mob boss, Tama (Ray Sahetapy) tells all these baddies that they will get immunity for killing the cops. This is when all hell breaks loose. When the leader of their team becomes unable to lead, Rama steps in to lead the team and complete their mission. What follows are some of the most intense fight sequences that I have ever seen.

Take every action movie you’ve ever watched, lump it into one awesome movie and then multiply it by ten. That’s The Raid. I didn’t know that human beings were capable of being this fast. It’s truly incredible to watch and Iko Uwais is a master of the martial arts form used in this film called Pencak Silat. The literal translation for this is “to fight artfully” and that couldn’t be closer to the truth. These fight scenes are like watching art in motion. There is so much purpose behind the movements and so much intensity.

Director, Gareth Evans, has really made a name for himself with this one and has proven that there is still a lot of possibility in terms of innovation with any genre, even one like the action genre, in which you think you’ve seen everything before. This movie takes it to a whole new level and sets the stakes pretty high for new action movies coming out.

All I keep raving about it the action sequences, but the best part about this movie… actually no, I mean the second best part… the best part really is the action, is that it still has a great plot. I find that a lot of movies in this genre either have incredible action sequences or a decent plot, not both. Rama is a great character. You seem him with his pregnant wife at the beginning and you really want him to succeed. You see the difficultly with which he makes each decision and his moral struggle between doing what’s right and his really strong desire to live. There’s more going on here than just action and that’s refreshing.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I really liked this movie. It’s an amazing visual feast of non stop, fist pumping, adrenaline fuelled action. It also has a decent plot and likeable characters (the good guys. The bad guys are really unlikeable). You need to watch it tonight and then again tomorrow because your mind will turn off from the pure awesome the first time you watch it.

Here’s the trailer:

And once again, the whole movie is on YouTube, so here’s the link for that:

My computer is being a little wonky so that’s why there are no photos in this post. There will be some when I figure out what the heck is happening.


57 thoughts on “Friday Night Movie Recommendation: The Raid: Redemption

  1. My #satanicbestie ! WHAT a movie!!! I absolutely loved it and I don’t normally like “martial arts” movies (which is why I hadn’t seen or attempted this yet). This was amazing! GREAT CALL!!


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  2. I know what you mean about most films not having strong aspects of both action and plot.

    Have you seen “Kiss of the Dragon” with Jet Li – or “Lionheart” with Van Damme?

    Both are very good films w/ strong action sequences and a good story. “Lionheart” is one of my all-time personal favorite films. Definitely Van Damme’s best, in my opinion.


  3. Awesome review. These Raid films are above and beyond! Hollywood doesn’t make action like this. These heroes actually fight… with intricate choreography. I’ve never seen knives used like this. Storywise, this is like a hand-to-hand Dredd.

    I can’t wait to read your review of the sequel. There’s way more plot in that one. But you’re absolutely right… you watch the Raid for the action. This martial arts movie fully delivers on its promises.

    I love the tagline too: “99 minutes of carnage. 1 minute of romance.” Take note, Hollywood.

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  4. I agree the fight scenes are very artistic without being artsy. I have never seen the sequel but I would like to. Maybe you could host a web show where you can review that and make an awesome food item

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  5. Great review! I was taken-aback by this sequel. The sheer frenetic pace of the action knocked me back into my seat. I think your’e absolutely right about Gareth Evans raising the stakes of the action movie – he has set the bar so high with these two ‘Raid’ films.

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  6. Good post! 🙂

    This film was quite something in terms of action content and innovation (the scene with the fridge for me is unforgettable). The sequel is a bit long but has a better story – and Hammer Girl! 😛

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    1. This is the first one. They’re both great though! The title makes it seem like this is the sequel, because of “Redemption” but the sequel is just The Raid 2. I don’t know why they titled them this way. It’s pretty confusing. But great actions films, both of them!

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  7. All right, I stopped reading your review after the first paragraph b/c I haven’t seen the movie yet and I like to go into movies cold. I will try to watch before you get back from your trip; then come back and read this review. (this is generally what I do when I stumble across reviews for films I haven’t seen yet.) 🙂

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      1. Aw man, the version I got had a terrible english voiceover. I thought I could soldier through, but had a difficult time. Halfway through, I shut it down. I will try to resume the second half.

        BTW, you didn’t make a mention of The Raid 2. Have you seen it? I heard it was way better than this one.

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      2. Ok, I just finished part 1. I thought it was pretty good. After all I have heard from part 2, it better be spectacular! I am about to go watch. 🙂

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  8. My #satanicbestie

    I meant to order this but I ordered Battle Royale instead… : ( Thanks for the reminder and great work! Now – come back home!!!


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    1. Are you just seeing “Battle Royale” for the first time? Are you going to watch “The Raid” soon? I actually haven’t seen, but think I will try to watch before Fox returns next Wednesday. You?

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      1. I actually don’t have it yet – I noticed it in my queue when I was in Netflix earlier. Is it on streaming? I have a couple of days off next week where I could stream something at home.

        Did you catch in the comments yesterday about Let Us Prey? I think you’d like that one –

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      2. I’m not actually subscribed to netflix at the moment, so I’m not sure. I am subscribed to Amazon Prime and saw that it’s not on there. Speaking of streaming WATCH THE LUTHER PILOT next week!! 🙂 I will watch the BOSCH pilot soon to see what I think.

        I haven’t seen Let Us Prey, but I will see if I can track it down. Anytime you see something you think I’d like, hit me up and let me know and I will add it to my list. Thnx for the recommendation.

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