DIY Monday: 52 Pick Me Ups Birthday Present

DIY Monday: 52 Pick Me Ups Birthday Present

Monday so soon? Our air conditioning unit broke over the weekend so that makes this Monday a little worse than most Mondays… especially when you factor in the humidity… Oh, the humidity!! My husband doesn’t think that’s as funny as I think it is. You guys be the judge. Anyways, to cheer me up I’ve decided to post a DIY birthday present I made for my hubby a couple years ago. It was really cute and remains one of his favourite presents (obviously after his PS4). It was really simple to make; the hardest part was coming up with 52 nice things to say about someone. Scoff all you want, but try this yourself and then tell me you’re still chuck full of ideas after number 38.


All you need here is:

  • A deck of cards
  • Access to a laminator or an office supply store that offers laminating services (like Staples if that exists where you are).
  • 2 binder rings
  • A hole punch
  • Stickers, photos, scrapbook paper and a pen to decorate the pages with

The instructions are fairly self explanatory. All you have to do is decorate each page and write something that makes the person you’re giving it to an amazing person. Here are some examples:


Start with something they’re personally interested in (like Superman) and how that relates to them.


Write a couple that relate to their personality.


Throw in something kinda funny (if it references zombies you get bonus points).


Something that happened recently.


Something slightly creepy. What was I thinking? Disembodied mouths are really creepy. Good thing that’s part of my charm.


And finish it off with something great (I didn’t have a photo of Andrew – that’s why he’s a stick figure).


  • Make sure you leave space for the hole punches when you are laminating.
  • Get the larger binder rings or they won’t hold all the awesome pages.

Let me know if you have questions. Have you made any DIY gifts? What were they? How’d it turn out?


22 thoughts on “DIY Monday: 52 Pick Me Ups Birthday Present

      1. That’s okay! I will be posting everyone’s contributions on the 23rd of August, so you still have a week. I tcan be anything,. short, long, a tribute, a memorable part he has played. It doesn’t have to be big at all, I just want as many posts to dedicate to PSH 🙂 No pressure if you can’t get to it tho, we all have lives!!

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      2. You can either post it on your blog or email it to me, whichever suits you 🙂 Most people are putting up their entries on their own blog and I’m writing a massive post linking them all

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  1. My #satanicbestie !

    What a great gift!! I once made a jewelry box for Mrs The IPC – I think it turned out OK.

    That sucks about your A/C!! At least it doesn’t get TOO hot up there, right? It’s supposed to be 96 today with a heat index of 110. That’s Fahrenheit. Do you use Fahrenheit?? I don’t know anything.


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    1. We use Celsius. It’s generally about 28 (82 Fahrenheit) but with humidity it’s usually closer to 35-40 Celsius (which is about 96-105).

      Get this, we had an AC guy come last night and he charged us $150 for the inspection and then said that it would be $1000-$1500 to repair but we should just replace it for $3000. We didn’t understand half of what he was saying because he kept dumping industry jargon on us so we decided to get a 2nd opinion.
      The 2nd guy JUST left (2 minutes ago) and he FIXED it for $117!! Incredible. I’m pretty happy. It’s getting cooler in here as we speak 🙂

      In the words of Mr. Freeze, “Chillllll.”


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      1. Isn’t that the way??? You call the “A/C” company and the first thing they want you to do is replace it. You call the local guy and he’ll come FIX it for 100 bucks. It’s a rip!!!


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