DIY Mondays: Wire Clothesline Picture Frame

DIY Mondays: Wire Clothesline Picture Frame

It’s Monday again and I have a great project ready to share with you guys. Somehow though, I managed to delete all my “in progress” pictures except for one picture of the frame before I painted it. I swear I took the pictures but it’s looking like my memory is getting to the point where I should start to be concerned. Either way, it’s not a very difficult project and each and every one of you can do it easily in one afternoon. Without further ado, here you have it:


What you’ll need:

  • A frame
  • Paint and a paint brush
  • Jewelry wire from your local craft store
  • A staple gun
  • Pictures and whatever else you want to hang

Step One: Find a big frame and paint it

You don’t have to be too precious here. I just slopped some paint on and that was that. I actually purposefully only did one coat so that the underlaying gold would show through in some places.


Step Two: Staple the wire onto the frame

Again, this is pretty self explanatory. The only thing you want to do is make sure that your line will be level so definitely measure twice with this one. All I did to secure it is bend the wire on the other side of the staple. It will only be holding up pictures so it doesn’t have to be very load bearing but you want it to be taught.

wpid-dsc_0715.jpg wpid-dsc_0716.jpg

Step Three: Hang your pictures

This is actually the hardest part. I wasn’t quite sure what to hang – the possibilities are endless. This is what I decided on for now but I’m not 100% happy with it so it will probably change quite a bit over time. It’s like a decorative bookshelf, you keep fiddling with it over a long period of time, and eventually everything falls into place.

wpid-dsc_0705.jpg wpid-dsc_0712.jpg wpid-dsc_0710.jpg wpid-dsc_0708.jpg wpid-dsc_0706.jpg wpid-dsc_0709.jpg

See! How easy was that? And it’s pretty inexpensive to boot. I got this frame from a yard sale for $10 and the wire was on $4 from my local craft store. I already had all the other materials. Considering the cost and how easy it is, you should definitely make yourself one instead of going to the store and spending upwards of $40 on one that’s already made.


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