DIY Mondays | Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

DIY Mondays | Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Earlier this year I went yard saling (have I mentioned how much I LOVE yard saling? It’s like treasure hunting. In some ways, that makes me a pirate, I guess… maybe I’m reaching) and I was able to buy three boxes of mason jars for $5. I was pretty darn pleased with myself on that purchase. I mean, think of all the projects! Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything with them until now. You know how it is, that pesky thing called life got in the way. But now I’m racking my brain for different uses for these jars, so keep an eye out for that. The first thing I did was to make this soap dispenser. It was so easy! And it’s pretty awesome. Now, instead of the ugly soap bottle that the dish soap comes in, I have this delightful soap dispenser.


You know what makes this soap dispenser even lovelier for me to look at? Calculating the price. When you break down the cost of the individual mason jars, they probably work out to 20¢ each. I used leftover paint, so I’m gonna call that free, and the pump was on a bottle of soap from the dollar store for $3. When you factor in that you’re mostly paying for the soap, I’m going to price the pump at a generous $1. That means that this soap dispenser cost me a whopping $1.20.  Can you believe that?


Nothing makes me happier than doing things really inexpensively… speaking of which, I don’t want to spoil anything but I have a project on the go that is AMAZING and FREE. I’m actually incredibly excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with you. It might not be done for a while but expect a Part 1 post in a little over a month.  Trust me, this project is worth the hype.

Anyways, back to the soap dispenser. Here’s what you need and how you can make one for yourself.


  • Mason jar
  • Paint – for the jar and for the lid
  • Paint brush
  •  Soap pump – you can get soap from the dollar store and use the pump (that’s what I did)

wpid-20150830_130938.jpg wpid-20150830_130150.jpg wpid-20150912_071948.jpg


  1. Pour some paint into your mason jar and swish it around until the inside is fully coated. Pour any remaining paint back into the paint can. I used some leftover wall paint, which was pretty thick. I had to keep an eye on it for the first couple hours while the paint was still really wet because it would separate a little sometimes so I just touched it up with a paint brush from the inside and then I left it to dry for a couple days, just to make sure that it was completely dry.
  2. Spray paint your lid whatever colour you like. A metallic is a good idea, preferably the same metallic that the pump will be.
  3. When all the paint is dry, puncture a hole in the top of the lid. I used a screw driver to punch the hole into the lid and then expanded the hole until it was big enough to snuggly fit the soap pump. My pump was snug enough that it isn’t going anywhere but you can always put some hot glue in there to secure it.
  4. Put it all together and dump some soap in your new dispenser!

wpid-20150830_130552.jpg wpid-20150830_130946.jpg wpid-20150830_131212.jpg wpid-20150830_131626.jpg wpid-20150912_071917.jpg wpid-20150912_072357.jpg wpid-20150912_072408.jpg wpid-20150912_072609.jpg wpid-20150912_072638.jpg wpid-20150912_072709.jpg


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