2 Movies 1 Moment: Riding on a Subway

2 Movies 1 Moment: Riding on a Subway

Check out our picks from this week’s 2 Movies 1 Moment: Riding on a Subway

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There’s something very cinematic about the subway. It creates such a unique setting that is both claustrophobic and yet expansive. In the movies, the subway rarely ever does what it is intended for, instead being a place for characters to encounter terrific disasters, contemplate their plights, engage in conflicts, or even hide from perusers. Take a ride with these two great moments on a subway.

Melissa’s Pick:  The Warriors

Film Summary:  In a not-so-distant dystopian future, New York City is completely overrun by gangs. When the leader of the most powerful gang, Cyrus (Roger Hill), calls a summit for all the gangs, everyone comes to see what he has to say. His plan is to call a truce between all the gangs in the hopes that they can finally unite and take over the city for once and for all. All the gangs seem to be on board…

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6 thoughts on “2 Movies 1 Moment: Riding on a Subway

  1. Great analysis, Mel. You really rep your movie nerd street cred with this one.

    Man, I love The Warriors. You totally diverted my expectations with That Moment though. I was expecting a fight or chase, but that scene with the couple was an amazing selection. I like how you interpret and discuss the moment, especially with the fixing of the hair part. Really compelling writing. Right on.

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      1. Anytime! It’s such a sweet moment really when you break it down. And then when Swan gives Mercy the flowers that one of the four had dropped. It’s the little things like that in these action filled movies that make the difference for me. It’s such a sincere moment and it’s so sweet 🙂

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