DIY Mondays | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Nightstands

DIY Mondays | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Nightstands

Welcome back to the beginning of another week! Today I have a pretty exciting project for you guys. While I’m here, visiting my mom, she decided to paint her bedroom set and so far we have the nightstands done. I LOVE them! Such a great improvement. We used the Annie Sloan chalk paint, which is very similar to the Fusion paint I used for my Dining Room Set. They’re both mineral based paints so they don’t require any sanding or extensive prep work (yay!).


To start, we wiped the furniture down with mineral spirits. This is to get any residue out of the furniture. It’s best for pieces that might have oil residues or other hard to clean substances, like a kitchen table. We used it on the nightstands anyways just to be sure that we were working with a clean surface. Between me and you, I think soap and warm water would do the trick just as well, but this is the stuff you are supposed to use. Also, if you’re going to be using new hardware, you’ll want to putty and sand the screw holes.

wpid-20150917_130634.jpg wpid-20150917_131642.jpg wpid-20150917_135030.jpg

Now, the idea here was to sand through the grey until the red underneath was visible. It didn’t quiet work out that way, but we did paint the areas we planned on stressing with red first. In hindsight, this step could be skipped but there were some areas where the underlying red did come through so this step is up to you.  If I were to redo this project, I would skip it. It’s kind of a waste of paint.

wpid-20150917_131157.jpgwpid-20150917_132129.jpg wpid-20150917_135038.jpg wpid-20150917_135100.jpg

Next, we painted the Graphite on top of the red. One coat just was’t cutting it so we had to do a second to cover all the wood underneath,

wpid-20150917_145954.jpg wpid-20150917_144848.jpg wpid-20150917_144842.jpg wpid-20150917_150005.jpg

At this point we tried to do the distressing and the issue here was that all the paint would come up instead of just the grey to reveal the red underneath. We were using a really fine grit sandpaper but it stil took it all off. We should have maybe done two coats of the red but instead we put the red on top and then blended it in to make it look distressed. This takes a lot of attention to detail and you have to play around with it so how you approach the distressing will depend on your preference and your style. I think it’s better to do the distressing afterwards as you aren’t using as much paint and you have more control than you do with sanding. Let me know what you do if you try to obtain this distressed effect and how it turned out. I really like the final result here and I think I’ll continue adding the distress marks on top.

wpid-20150919_084158.jpg wpid-20150919_084527.jpg wpid-20150919_084545.jpg wpid-20150919_084606.jpg wpid-20150919_084709.jpg

Last but not least, we waxed the nightstands. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this step but I plan on sanding down my dining room table top, putting on a new coat of paint and waxing it. Reasons as to why I’m doing this and more details on the waxing process will be in that post. Basically, you put the wax on with a wax brush and then rub it in with a cloth. Now, you have to be careful with the cloth you choose because if you choose one that has a lot of fibers, they will show up in the wax.

So, there you have it! My mom actually went to an Annie Sloan chalk painting class and she got this bag of goodies for her chalk painting kit, so you can do something similar to get you started.



25 thoughts on “DIY Mondays | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Nightstands

  1. I am so impressed with your dedication to this project. I am so impatient with this kind of thing which is why Mr O does all of our very minor DIY and chucks me out of the apartment while it’s happening.

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  2. My #satanicbestie !!

    Looks GREAT!! Once again –> you have worlds of patience more than I do…..


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      1. I DID find the cat!! Now I am trying to find a lizard, a book of prayers, a plow and a jar of something….


        Hey – we need to talk soon about the


        Let me know when I can get your attention for a few minutes –

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      1. Well that’s good – and I bet you don’t even get blanket marks on your furniture (like I always do on my pedicure, no matter how dry I thijk they are, I go to bed and wake up with cross-hatch patterns in my polish).

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