Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | High Tension

Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | High Tension

Halloween month is upon us! It’s the month of the year that I always look forward to and my husband always dreads. I can’t wait to watch all the horror movies I can get my hands on and revisit some old favourites. My husband dreads it because he’s forced to watch them all too. What can I say, you can’t watch horror movies alone. It’s a rule or something.


Anyhow, seeing as I’ve already recommended A LOT of horror movies, I’ve decided that I’ll list three movies each week before the main recommendation so you can maybe read up on some reviews you might have missed and you can have even more awesome horror movie recommendations for your Ultimate Halloween Horror Movie Marathon (or whatever you call it at your house). This week’s picks are:

  1. The Babadook (obviously)
  2. Honeymoon
  3. Let the Right One In

Now for the new pick. I’ve actually been saving this one for just such an occasion. High Tension is a French film about two friends, Alex (Maïwenn) and Marie (Cécile De France), who go to Alex’s parents’ house for the weekend to study and relax. When a psychopath sets his sights on the family at the secluded farm house that they live in, it’s a ferocious battle for survival and a true testament to friendship watching how far Marie will go to save Alex.

HIGH TENSION, (aka HAUTE TENSION), Maiwenn Le Besco, Cecile De France, 2003, (c) Lions Gate

This movie gets most of it’s power from the build up and the tension, hence the title. It really uses silence to its best advantage and puts all the focus on the main characters. We aren’t watching a movie about a slew of teens whose sole purpose in the movie is to be fodder for the maniacal killer. The deaths, when they happen, mean something. All the characters are supposed to be there. They aren’t just means to a gory death, though there is no lack of gore in this movie.


Director, Alexandre Aja, creates an endlessly thrilling movie here. There is so much depth to the characters, particularly Marie. The hide and seek that she plays with the killer will have you holding our breath in fear and anticipation. There’s also a lot to glean from her devotion to Alex and her perseverance in the face of pretty terrible circumstances.  As is the case with most good stories, there is more going on then what is immediately apparent but it still doesn’t change the underlying sentiments in the film.


All in all, High Tension is a must watch for all of you horror movie fans, especially during Halloween. It has a really strong heroine, a scary-as-heck villain and a storyline that can throw enough curves at you to keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole movie. Watch it and let me know what your favourite Halloween movies are.

Keep tuned for next week… it’s gonna be good. 


25 thoughts on “Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | High Tension

  1. Great review, Mel. I love this horror flick too. Go figure, I released an article on High Tension today as well (under the alternate title: Switchblade Romance). Hahaha. Your review has some good analysis though. A lot more character commentary. Which is what makes us take this film seriously. You were spot on. My review is a bit goofier 😉

    I started a series for October… Boobs, Blood & The Beast: 31 Nights, 31 Movies… definitely for horror fans like us. Hope you like. I’m looking forward to your next recommendation this spooky month!

    Liked by 1 person

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