Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | The Witches

Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | The Witches

How great is it that Halloween is on a Saturday this year? Pretty darn great in my opinion. I’m planning on throwing a Halloween party and dressing up as Winifred Sanderson alongside my blonde and brunette girlfriends so that we will be the Sanderson Sisters. The problem is, all the people I’ve told this to have said, “Who are the Sanderson Sisters?” Ugh. What are your thoughts? Would you get it? Either way, we’re going for it so at the very least we’ll look like well coordinated witches. Speaking of witches… Today’s recommendation was the terror of my childhood and maybe one of the reasons I love horror movies so much to this day. I watched it again last night to refresh my memory and I have to say that it’s still pretty creepy and loads of fun to watch.


Before we get into the review I owe you three Halloween movie recommendations for your movie marathons. Here they are:

  1. In Fear
  2. It Follows
  3. The Orphanage

Based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl, The Witches is about a young boy named Luke (Jasen Fisher) who goes to the countryside with his ailing grandmother (Mai Zetterling) who was just diagnosed as diabetic and needs a trip to regain her strength. The grandmother had previously told the boy all about witches and how to spot one before they could take him away and he was never seen again. When they venture to the countryside they happen upon a witches convention at the hotel they are staying at and the boy overhears the witches’ plan to turn all the children in England into mice. When the witches discover that Luke heard their plan, they turn him into a mouse. He escapes and is determined to stop the witches before they can do the same to any other children.


The premise of this movie is so whimsical and although it is marketed as a children’s movie, it is really quite scary, especially when I first watched it as a kid. This might be the kind of movie that is best to have watched when you’re young and then re-watch and reminisce about when you’re older but you should still give it a watch if you haven’t seen it before. Director Nicholas Roeg brings this dark tale to life with imagination and wit and it should be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Anjelica Huston shines in this movies as the Grand High Witch. You can really tell that she completely revels in this unabashedly evil character and she takes it on without holding anything back. Rowan Atkinson plays an unexpected role as the hotel manager, Mr. Stringer, who brings another layer of humour to the film. All the actors are well cast and it’s clear that they all enjoyed being a part of this production.


Another great aspect of The Witches is that it’s produced by The Jim Henson Company and as such, the special effects makeup is incredible. The witches look like normal woman at first, but when they remove their wigs, face masks and gloves, they are quite hideous underneath. When they have their convention and they all reveal their true appearance, it’s so much fun to watch (though, as a child it was terrifying!). There are so many talented people that worked on this film and it comes through in all the attention to detail and the painstaking efforts of the artists involved to make Dahl’s characters come to life.


Overall, this incredibly creepy children’s movie is incredibly fun for adults too. There are some really exceptional characters and equally talented actors portraying them. The special effects makeup is as beautiful in it’s grotesquerie and as eye-catching as only The Jim Henson Company can be, which perfectly brings to life Dahl’s work. This is a perfect Halloween movie to add to your list of movies for your marathon.


Give it a watch and let me know your thoughts!


31 thoughts on “Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | The Witches

  1. Its funny you talk about it being dark for a children’s movie. If you think about it many fables and fairy tales are pretty damned dark…. though in saying that some of those screen-shots look a bit too much for kids! Nice read Mel :)))

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