Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | The Evil Dead

Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | The Evil Dead

Halloween is a week and a day away! Yahoo! I’m pumped. I have some Halloween decor ideas going up on Monday, so stay tuned for that, and there are two more Halloween movie recommendations coming down the pipeline (including this one). I hate how quickly special occasions come and go. It seems like I’m always just in the middle of prepping and celebrating and then it’s over. Womp womp. Oh well, if there’s only a week and a day left then we’ll make it count!


And now, three recommendations to add to your Halloween movie marathons that I’ve already reviewed:

  1. Pontypool
  2. The Guest
  3. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Without further ado, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, this week’s recommendation: The Evil Dead. I underline The so you don’t confuse it with the 2013 remake, which has it’s merits but is nowhere near as good as the original (so few remakes are). Funny story though, I went to see Evil Dead (the remake) in theatres and my husband (then fiancé) heard some weird noises from the guy behind us, turned around to see what was going on and pushed me aside right before the guy barfed all over the back of my seat. My hero! But seriously, it was incredibly gross and we didn’t get to finish the movie cause there was barf everywhere and no other seats… but we did get three free movie passes from the manager so I guess it wasn’t all bad. Anyways, I digress (as I am prone to do). The point here is that it is safe to say that this movie, and subsequently the remake, are incredibly gory and pretty disgusting. I love it.


The Evil Dead is about five college kids who are vacationing in an old cottage in the middle of the woods. When they start looking around they find a strange book that seems to be made of human skin, a dagger made from bones and a tape recorder. They decided to listen to the tape and hear a professor of archaeology explaining that the book is called The Book of the Dead and it is used to bring demons to life and allow them to possess living people. The professor then goes on to translate some of the passages from the book, unleashing the evil spirits.


One of the great things about this movie is the simplicity of the premise: there are kids in a cabin in the woods and they unleash evil spirits. There are a lot of movies now that go out of their way to overcomplicate things. This might be because half the films out there are based on books and it’s too difficult to stuff all that information into a two hour long film.  Either way, less is certainly more in this instance and that theory usually applies to most horror films.

Director, Sam Raimi, cemented himself as a cult classic icon with this film’s over the top acting, copious amounts of blood and unbelievable gore, especially for 1981. The budget for this film came in around $350,000, which is incredible when you factor in all the gore effects that are packed into it. This movie is a true testament to what can be done with a modest budget and heaps of creativity.

A review of The Evil Dead would not be complete without talking about Bruce Campbell. He plays Ash, the hero of the movie. While everyone is turning into demons around him, Ash is faced with the horrible task of getting rid of them the only way possible, by completely dismembering them. Campbell’s completely over the top acting and overt facial expressions add to the dark humour of the film and really make this movie the success that it was.


Overall, this movie is suspenseful, unnerving and filled with enough gore and extreme violence to make even the most avid horror fan squirm. Add in Bruce Campbell and some very dark humour and this is a cult classic not to miss if you’re a fan of the genre. A perfect movie in time for Halloween, The Evil Dead is sure to make you more than a little tense.


Also, Evil Dead The Musical is incredible. Go see it if it ever comes to your town.


13 thoughts on “Friday Night Halloween Movie Recommendation | The Evil Dead

  1. Yes! THE Evil Dead is THE best! Raimi is incredible. So stylish. This took years to film, on weekends only, and is infused with that nerdy homemade passion. Bruce is the man. One of my fav big screen heroes ever. “Groovy” review, Mel… and haha sounds like your hubby has barf ESP.

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  2. Ricky’s favourite movie. This and evil dead 2. There is a new special coming out that actually has Bruce Campbell as Ash again. I think it’s on AMC and it’s called Ash Vs Evil Dead or something like that. When he saw it he almost cried he was so excited lol

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    1. Yeah, Halloween night AMC is showing the first episode of Ash vs the Evil Dead and it picks up like 20 years after the end of Army of Darkness. So everyone should work their movie marathons around that!

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