DIY Mondays | Easy Halloween Decor

DIY Mondays | Easy Halloween Decor

Halloween is almost upon us and for those of you out there looking for some easy DIY projects, you’ve come to the right place. If you listened to the podcast a couple days ago, I mentioned that the best way to decorate for Halloween is with pumpkins. They’re really versatile and inexpensive. I bought these pumpkins at a local grocery store for 99¢.


I’m really tight on time at the moment, especially with the transformation that’s going on in my living room/dinning room right now. Geez, that one is taking forever but it’s definitely worth it. I’m really excited to show the final look with you guys, which will hopefully be on next Monday’s post so keep an eye out.

Anyways, because I have little to no spare time, I decided to make this incredibly easy Halloween centrepiece for my dinning room table. It took me all of ten minutes, and that’s a generous assumption. If I find some more time throughout the week I might pick up some more pumpkins and put them throughout the house for the Halloween party I’m hosting this weekend, but I’m pretty pleased with these bad boys.

wpid-20151025_111348.jpg wpid-20151025_112223.jpg wpid-20151025_135704.jpg

It’s pretty self explanatory but here are the steps:

  1. Spray paint (or use regular paint – whatever you have on hand) your pumpkin. Feel free to be as creative as you want here and use whatever colours you like.
  2. I then painted the letters B-O-O onto each pumpkin but the opportunities here are endless. You could paint a whole bunch of little gourds different hues of the same colour and put them in a bowl or a vase, paint the words Happy and Halloween on two big ones, carve a painted pumpkin out and place a bowl inside for candy or snacks… so many options!

20151025_161453_resized 20151025_161540_resized

What are your Halloween decor choices?


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