DIY Mondays | Pallet Accent Wall

DIY Mondays | Pallet Accent Wall

The day has finally arrived when I can show you the final results of my latest project! I must say, this one is probably my favourite project to date. I love the rustic charm and the warmth that this accent wall brings to the room and I hope you do too!


Everyone I told about this project before I started asked, “Where did you see that done?” or “Where did you get that idea?” and I can honestly say that I haven’t seen it done before at all. That being said, I’m sure it has been done but the thought process went more along the lines of, What can I get large of for free and use to make an accent wall in this room? I originally thought of bricks because I saw an add on Kijiji where people were giving them away for free but my husband quickly said no to that one, which is probably for the best. Then I though, Ok, what else can I get for free? and that’s when I drove past a concrete factory one day and saw all these free pallets out front beside a sign that read, “Free Firewood” and that’s all it took.


I had originally planned to white wash it afterwards but I’m loving all the different colours in the wood and the overall feel of the wall as is. What are your thoughts? Should I white wash it or leave it?


The greatest thing about this project, aside from how much I love the final result, is how much it cost. Believe it or not, I spent all of $40 on this transformation, and that’s because of the cost of the paint. Here are some before photos of this room; really nothing special going on here. I started by painting all the walls except the pallet wall in this beautiful dark teal and then went from there. The pallets were 100% free and we borrowed the reciprocating saw from a family friend (who does some amazing DIY renovations herself). Actually, I lied. We did spend about $8 in screws. So the final cost was about $48. Not bad.

wpid-20151011_074716.jpg wpid-20151011_110125.jpg wpid-20151011_110145.jpg

I used this video as a guide for how to take apart the pallets:

So, after the pallets were broken down, all I did was mark where the studs are on the wall and I just screwed the planks into the wall. Easy right? Yes and no. The concept is simple and putting up the planks is simple but taking the skids apart and the overall project = really hard. Just be forewarned if you decide to do something like this yourself.


A couple notes about pallets:

  • Pallets come in many different shapes and sizes. It is important that you are able to get a large quantity of pallets from the same place if you plan on making a pallet wall of your own so that the rows will be even.
  • The wood used for pallets is of varying quality. There were some pallets I found where the wood just did not look good and the pieces were very thin and flimsy. I got all my pallets from a concrete factory so they were really sturdy. This made them harder to take apart but the wood was so much nicer.



I need to send a big shoutout to my husband, who broke down every single one of these pallets. I helped screw them into the wall but he’s the one that did all the hard work. I always come up with these crazy ideas and he always helps me with the heavy lifting, even though he doesn’t always see what I see or think that it will look particularly good. I constantly hear, “You want to do what?!” but he helps me anyways. Probably because he knows I would do it anyways and end up impaling myself. Either way, I couldn’t have done this project without him and I really appreciate all the hard work that he put into it. Love you, babe!



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