Friday Night Movie Recommendation | The Final Girls

Friday Night Movie Recommendation | The Final Girls

I have been on such a good movie streak. I honestly can’t believe it.  It’s been about six or seven great movies in a row. Not even just good movies, but great ones. If anyone out there is as much of a horror junkie as I am, you’ll recognize how rare this is. It’s like a special gift from the movie gods because of all the trash I’ve sifted through. That must be it. I’ve paid my dues and I’m finally collecting. Whatever it is, you guys are in for some really great recommendations. It started with Goodnight Mommy Last week and it continues with The Final Girls this week. These movies couldn’t be more different from each other but they are both fantastic films.


The Final Girls is a horror comedy that follows Max (Taissa Farming) and her friends who get pulled into the cult classic slasher movie, Camp Bloodbath, which stars Max’s recently deceased mother (Malin Ackerman). Once there, Max is determined to save her mother and escape with all of her friends, changing the script and defeating the killer.


The meta horror movie satire has been done before, most notably in Cabin in the Woods and my personal favourite, Detention, and they can either completely miss the mark or be spot on. This one is spot on. There are plenty of slasher movie trope references and nods to the major film franchises that came before it, specifically the Friday the 13th franchise. It pokes fun at all the movements in these horror movies that make us go, “Really?! Why?!” Not only is this movie hilarious but it’s surprisingly emotional. I actually found myself shedding a teat or two.


What really pulls this movie together is it’s great cast. Malin Ackerman and Taissa Farmiga have the most wonderful mother-daughter chemistry and their relationship never comes across as corny, not even near the end when emotions amp up. The comedic talent in this film is wonderful as well. Alia Shawkat plays the believable best friend that is there for you as much as she teases you and is able to look like an idiot with you, which was so refreshing after all the movies that make best friends seems so straight laced and formal around each other. Thomas Middleditch plays the mandatory movie nerd who explains what’s happening to everyone.  He plays the role hilariously and was one of my personal favourites. Individually, the cast really stood out but the reason everything comes together so well is because of their great chemistry together; as friends, crushes, enemies, rivals… everything just clicked.


In this film director Todd Strauss-Schulson has created a hilarious slasher film with enough emotional punch to make the story really hit home. It has a wonderful cast and is a must watch for all the horror movie nerds out there. It really plays on the slasher film tropes and is loads of fun. Watch it!


21 thoughts on “Friday Night Movie Recommendation | The Final Girls

  1. A MILLION TIMES YES!!!! I love this movie so much!!! Great call! I too almost got a little tears in that last Bette Davis Eyes bit… Totally one of my favorites of the year…


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