Friday Night Movie Recommendation | The Gift

Friday Night Movie Recommendation | The Gift

Friday again! It came so quickly this week, which is awesome! I have nothing planned this weekend but painting. I am painting just about every piece of furniture in my house. Not really, but at least four or five pieces so keep posted for the results of at least one of those pieces on Monday. Now, the reason you’re here: to get another wicked-fantastic movie recommendation. Well, remember how I told you guys that I was on a great streak? The streak lives on! This one is a real winner. Watch it tonight. And eat pizza. And drink beer. And have some chocolate.


The Gift follows Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) as they move into a new house and try to start a family. One day a chance encounter brings them face to face with Gordo (Joel Edgerton), who went to school with Simon. Simon and Robyn think that this is all they’ll see of him after they exchange the obligatory “We should get together and catch up” remarks and exchange contact information. Much to their surprise, Gordo stops by their house not long after with a housewarming gift. They invite him to stay for dinner but things start to get more and more bizarre as Gordo starts popping coming by more often, bringing forth some unwelcome memories for Simon.


More than anything else, this movie really makes you think about the real world implications of your actions. Especially when we are young, we don’t consider how the things that we say and do effect other people. We take for granted that the lives that we touch aren’t impacted at all and that people just go on to live their lives after we are no longer a part of it. This isn’t the case. And sometimes the truth is pretty terrible.


Director, writer and actor Joel Edgerton, has created a mystery thriller cautionary tale that is full of truly scary potential real life scenarios. The scariest films are always the ones that feel like they could happen to anyone. The main character doesn’t live in a haunted house, they aren’t being taunted by a supernatural force, they aren’t being chased by an unyielding serial killer in a hockey mask.  They’re just regular, everyday people in a completely normal situation. They could be the people next door, they could be you.

The casting was spot on and Rebecca Hall was particularly impressive. She’s faced with multiple moral dilemmas and her reactions to them are organic and believable. This movie is packed with surprise twists and turns, some you’ll see coming and others you won’t. All the actors take them in stride and their natural reactions brings the whole it-could-happen-to-you mentality to life.

gift 3

All in all, this is a great psychological horror-thriller that shouldn’t be missed. It will make you think about the impact you have on others and how you can never really know anyone, regardless of what you think.

Watch it tonight and let me know what you think!


14 thoughts on “Friday Night Movie Recommendation | The Gift

  1. This is one of those movies that everyone thought would suck but turned out to be very good. Easily the surprise of the year for me. And great review, Mel. I think we need more movies that have this cerebral and psychological sort of horror.

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  2. Great point about this representing a realistic kind of horror — it’s definitely not classified as horror per se, but it has horror elements and that makes it such an impactful film. This still stands as one of my favorites of the year even after seeing The Martian and Sicario.

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