DIY Mondays | Chalk Painted Night Stands

DIY Mondays | Chalk Painted Night Stands

This weekend was all about chalk painting. I decided to get to a couple painting jobs that I had been procrastinating and it all looks great! Do you do that too? Hold off on something forever just because you don’t want to start it. Getting started really is the hardest part. Everything else just falls into place. Here’s what happens when you actually start something!


I found a new brand of chalk paint to try, mostly because the store I get my regular stuff from is this fancy store that has stupid hours. Honestly, who can go to a store that is only open from noon to five Wednesday to Thursday? To be fair, they are also open Saturday from noon to four but I decided that I was going to do all this on Sunday and I’m way to impatient to wait six days once I’ve made up my mind about something. Anyways, back to my outrage – how do places of business stay afloat when they’re only open when people are at work? Are there that many people that are unemployed or work from home or have strange hours?  It just boggles my brain.

So, because of these crazy hours I went to my hardware store to see if I could find another chalk paint alternative. I found Chalked by Rust-Oleum and it’s actually pretty good. Let’s do a comparison.

Chalked by Rust-Oleum 


  • $24.99 for 887mL
  • Requires two coats for the matte finish. Instructions say one coat is enough but it won’t give complete coverage. I used a brush for the first coat and a roller for the second coat.
  • I don’t find the colours as rich as the Fusion colours. The go-to white (which is what I used here) is called Linen White and it is a very cool white. It’s nice but it would be great if there were some other white options.
  • On that note, there is a white base that can be tinted up to 11 colours but the variations of white seem more yellow on the colour guide so I didn’t want to risk it.
  • Dries to a more streaky finish than Fusion but it isn’t too bad. I’ll go into more detail with this when I put up the post about the dining room hutch that I am still in the process of finishing.
  • The Charcoal colour that I used was really separated when I first opened it and took a lot of stirring before I could actually use it.
  • I would say that the same amount covers more than Fusion.
  • As promised – no prep required!

Fusion Mineral Paint 


  • $19 for 500mL (much to my surprise – it used to be $16!)
  • I prefer the range of colours here. The colours are richer in my opinion, which makes the added price worth it if there is a specific colour that you are looking for or an important piece of furniture that you’ll be working on.
  • I painted my dining room table in Champlain and Ash in the Fusion paint and tried to use Linen White Chalked paint for the matching hutch (look for photos of the colour difference in the upcoming hutch post) and I had to do the second white coat in Champlain because the colour difference was too great. Apparently white isn’t just white.
  • Better coverage on the first coat.
  • The same amount doesn’t go as far as Chalked.

All in all, if colour matching isn’t a priority then for the price, you might want to go with Chalked.

All that being said, here are some photos of the most recent project. These night stands were painted with Chalked Linen White.

First coat


This is what was in there before – can you say improvement?

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