DIY Gift | Personalized Origami Stars

DIY Gift | Personalized Origami Stars

Christmas is almost here! If you need some last minute gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. These origami stars are just the cutest and they are really sentimental too. Also, (and you don’t need to tell anyone this part) they are really easy to do.

origami stars

My mom lives across the country, which is kind of hard because we are really close, so a couple years ago I decided to make these for her for Christmas. I had seen these stars before but I thought, what if you were to put a message inside that could be read if the star was unfolded? And that’s how it all began. You can write anything inside and when the person you give it to is missing you or feeling lonely they can open it and it might make their day a little brighter. How sweet, right?

Here are some ideas of things you can write inside but they sky really is the limit here:


Here’s a video I found that helped me with the folding. Once you’ve done it once though, you’ll be a pro:

I originally made about a hundred of these, and while they are pretty easy it is time consuming. I only made a couple for this post but if you’re making a lot of them you can gift them in a mason jar or another neat container. I bedazzled a wine glass and gave them to my mom like that when I made the first batch. That’s another thing, once you’ve given them to someone once, you can always make more to “top up” their supply.


Do you make DIY gifts for birthdays/holidays? What’s your favourite one?



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