Country Chic Chalk Painted Headboard

Country Chic Chalk Painted Headboard

Welcome back to another week, everyone! I have been up to more painting over the weekend and I must say that I’m really loving this new brand of chalk paint. It’s called Country Chic and it is fabulous.


To date I have used Fusion and Chalked by Rustoleum (check out the comparison between those two here) and now this Country Chic chalk paint. I won’t write a whole review on it yet because I have another colour I want to try out first but I must say that $24.95 for 16 oz is great. Fusion is more expensive and I must say that, although I love Fusion, I might just love Country Chic more.


I only used one coat here. I’ve never done that before. And even though I was going for more of a rustic look and I didn’t mind that some of the wood was showing through, I still can’t get over how great the coverage is. Again, I’ll hold my final opinion until I’ve used the other colour that I have which is much lighter.


Overall, the coverage and the colour quality for Country Chic are unmatched (to date). Now, to be more specific, I was using a really deep, rich colour (Fireside). The other colour that I was mentioning is Tropical Cocktail and I’ll be using it to paint my desk next week so that’ll be the true test. I’m actually really nervous about it because Tropical Cocktail is really… vibrant. I almost immediately regretted my decision after getting it but I’ve decided to go ahead with it and see how it goes. Wish me luck and check in next week for the result!


With that in mind, I’ll keep today’s post relatively quick and save all my more in depth opinions for next week. Cheers!


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