Country Chic Chalk Painted Desk | Tropical Cocktail

Country Chic Chalk Painted Desk | Tropical Cocktail

Happy Monday, everyone! I know last week kind of fell apart and there wasn’t really any new content up but this week makes up for it. My office is really coming together now, I’m actually feeling really inspired to work in there. It’s turning into quiet the creative space. I’m glad you guys are here to see the transformation!


Funny story about this paint colour: My mom and her boyfriend run a business in Kelowna, BC called Furniture Medic where they do furniture repair and a whole lot of other home based services. When I chalk painted my dining room set my mom loved it and thought the idea was awesome. When I went to visit her, we chalk painted her night stands with Annie Sloan chalk paint and they look great! Since then, my mom has become a retailer for Country Chic and is really excited about the new opportunity. She knows that I am always looking for new brands to review and so she asked me which colour I would like to try for her. I knew that I wanted an orange for the headboard in my spare bedroom so I asked for the Fireside colour. Then, although she had only offered me one colour, I asked for another. I knew that I HAD to finally do something with my office so I wanted something fun for my desk. Of all the colours, I thought this Tropical Cocktail looked like the most fun so I asked for that one too.


When she arrived for Christmas she was really excited to show me the colour samples for the Country Chic and she explained that she had ordered my colours but they hadn’t come in yet. That being said, when I looked at the colour swatches again, I immediately regretted my decision. Tropical Cocktail was horrible!! Who would want this colour?! I told my mom that when it arrived she could save it for someone else and jokingly mentioned, “Someone will have bad taste and buy it!” Hahaha…


Well, Christmas day rolls around and what is my present from my mom? Two cans of the Tropical Cocktail along with a bottle of the Fireside and waxes and brushes amongst other things. Don’t I feel like a jerk. Now I HAVE to try it. So, after she leaves and the chaos of the holidays wears down, I prepare myself to paint my desk this Tropical Cocktail, knowing that I’ll probably hate it.

First coat, “You know what, this really isn’t that bad.”


Second coat, “I LOVE IT!”


And, I really do. I think that this colour is so beautiful now. The swatch really doesn’t do it justice. I can honestly saw that Chalked doesn’t have any colours close to this and Fusion has Laurentien, which is much more subtle and Ceramic which is just way too much, but this Tropical Cocktail shade is really perfect. And the coverage is amazing. I will probably do a full comparison post in the future, like I did here between Chalked and Fusion but just know that this brand is right up there. I think it might just be my new favourite. Not to mention, the packaging is definitely the best. And I’m not just saying this because my mom will be selling it. I promise to always give you guys my 100% honest opinion. Honestly though, just look at it. I really love this so much (and you get a sneak peak at the wall too if you look closely).


I also wanted to let you guys know the story behind the desk. I know, I know… it’s a table, not a desk, but I had a “desk” and it was DREADFUL. It was no fun and all straight lines and I hated it. This has so much surface area (“So much room for activities!” – name that movie!) and it’s a really great space for work and projects. Also, guess how much I paid for it? I really need to do a post on all the things I get from Kijiji – all my friends and family refer to my house as “The House Kijiji Built” and it’s so true! Why pay full price for anything when people are trying to get rid of their perfectly good stuff for next to nothing? Anyways, keep posted for a post on How to Rock Kijiji and Pay Next to Nothing for All Your Stuff, or something like that… Ok, so drumroll please! I paid a total of $20 for this table! Do you believe it? I don’t. I saw it and said to myself, “Mine!”


So, all I did here was apply two coats, no sanding or anything like that. Easy peasy. I plan on putting a top coat on but I’ve already been putting stuff on it, what with all the organizing I had to do in that room and it seems really durable so far. Maybe I’ll leave it for a while to test it out. I will let you know what I do one way or the other.


Thanks for stopping by and tell me what you think of this colour!


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