Geometric Painted Wall with Painter’s Tape

Geometric Painted Wall with Painter’s Tape

Remember how I’ve been working on my office? It’s kind of all I’ve been talking about lately. Well, I did all the hard stuff a couple weekends ago and have been trying to write up some posts on the projects I had done but the office was a MESS. I mean a real MESS (with all capital letters).

wall tape paint

Do you ever notice how you don’t think you have all that much stuff and then you move things around and all of a sudden you have a truckload of things? That’s what happened to me. Before Christmas my husband was super sweet and moved everything out of my office when I was working late one night because we had to use my office as a spare bedroom for my grandmother who stayed with us over the holidays. My mom and her boyfriend were in the spare bedroom and my brother was on the couch (it was a REALLY full house). Anyways, my husband was really sweet to help me out what with work being crazy, but it meant that I really didn’t see how much STUFF I had. So, when I went to put it all back I was astounded by how much there was. And it was all just stuff. I pride myself on not being a person that hangs on to nicknacks and mementos. I throw everything away that isn’t utilitarian or very sentimental (much to my husband’s chagrin). That’s really why I was so shocked. But I threw away another garbage bag full of stuff so it was also great. I love throwing things away; there’s something so cathartic about it. Anyways, it’s all good in there now but it was a bit of an uphill battle for a day or two.

This is really dark but it’s an idea of what it looked like before. 

Now that everything is more or less sorted, it’s time to show you the biggest change in the room: my beautiful geometric painted walls. I LOVE THEM. This room was originally just this pinky orange colour, which I originally wanted to be more orange than pink but ended up being more pink than orange… woe is me.  As such, I wanted to cover it up, but not all of it, just some of it, so it wasn’t quite so… pink… in there. And it just so happens that I have a plethora or white paint. Want to know why? Because it was free! “How do I get free paint?” you may find yourself asking. “The dump,” I would respond.

Step 1: Tape the wall 

Did you know that the dump has a paint recycling centre where you can drop off unwanted paint and pick up paint that people have dropped off and it’s free? Well, you can. How wonderful is that? I’ll be doing another post specifically on getting paint from the dump for free and how best to make sure it’s good and there aren’t any imperfection in it when painting with it so keep posted for that.

Step 2: Paint over the tape 

Now, onto the subject of today’s post, I can’t tell you how easy this was. No measuring, no planning, just taping. The only thing I will say is that the kind of tape you use is really important. You really need to buy the good stuff. I used Frog Tape but there are other really good brands of painter’s tape out there too so use whatever you can get as long as it isn’t the value brand painter’s tape. The reason I say this is because you want your lines to be crisp and you really don’t want the paint to bleed. These lines are going to be a focal point and you want them to be crisp. Otherwise, tape away. I left big open spaces in opposite corners to break things up a bit, but I don’t really have any other “rules”. I made the geometric shapes roughly the same size and that’s really all the advice that I can give you. Just have fun and don’t take it too seriously. Be creative!

Step 3: Peel the tape away! 





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