Update: Hanging Laundry Baskets

Update: Hanging Laundry Baskets

Welcome back to another week, everyone! Remember a couple months ago when I did a post about hanging laundry baskets and I mentioned that I wasn’t crazy about them? Well, I tweaked the design a little and they are MUCH better now.


The great thing about this update is that I was able to use all the hardware from the original idea which means that I didn’t have to patch up and repaint any holes caused by the first attempt at this idea. Win! As such, this was a really quick fix.


The major problem with the original idea was that the basket would hang open so far that it was almost vertical on the wall which means that nothing would stay inside. It was pretty counter productive. Also, the big, bulky curtain rods were awful and the signs didn’t look great. Basically, it was pretty terrible all around.


To adjust it, all I did was find some baskets that I liked which were deeper than they were long. Then I made new signs. I bought these pre-made wooden plaques, painted them grey and then found these great stickers to spell out “lights” and “darks” instead of trying to trace and paint the words (which didn’t work out so great last time).


Then, I used the brackets that were already mounted to put it all together. Easy fix!




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