Officially 2(ish) Weeks Until Puppy Day!

Officially 2(ish) Weeks Until Puppy Day!

This weekend we received GREAT news. For anyone that has been following this blog for a while or who knows me personally, knows that I have been (not so patiently) waiting for March 15 because that’s the day that my hubby and I agreed to get our first puppy together.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but this is probably her! 

“Why March 15th?” you may ask. Well it goes a little like this. Last year, I really wanted a puppy and I kept bugging Brandon about it. Then he said, “Maybe in a year.” So I started counting down. That was on March 15th of last year. And here we are! Brandon was hesitant at first (probably because I conned him into the date) but now we’re both so excited about it!

Be forewarned: seeing as I’ve officially been waiting for this day for 349 days and unofficially much longer than that, this is going to be a somewhat lengthy post.

Also, as anyone that knows me can also attest, the hubby and I aren’t really interested in children. Definitely not now and probably not ever. We love other people’s kids but we just aren’t interested in having any of our own. There are a bunch of reasons for this frame of mind but basically we just don’t want one and that’s ok. We do want to expand our family though, so that’s another reason we’re so excited about this puppy. I think of pets as family. I know there are a lot of people on either side of the pets as family debate but I 100% consider them to be members of the family.

Where’s she coming from?

Our beautiful puppy is coming all the way from South Korea. She was rescued by an amazing woman named Nami Kim who is doing incredible work there. She is a huge animal rights activist and specifically rescues dogs from the dog meat trade. It’s common practice in South Korea to eat dog meat; it’s treated very similarly to any other livestock. The problem is that they legally aren’t considered livestock so they don’t have the same rules and regulations for treatment. Not that livestock animals live in the best conditions to begin with, but these dogs are really mistreated in some instances. So Nami is fighting the good fight to help all the dogs out there and we’re so happy that we can help by adopting one of these beautiful babies.

This specific puppy was born to a mother who escaped from a dog meat farm while pregnant and gave birth to her puppies in an abandoned lot. From there, Nami found them and was able to rescue her and the puppies.

What can you do to help?

If you want to help out with this cause or even if you just want to know more about the cause, head over to Nami’s website by clicking here. On her website you’ll find lots of ways that you can help.

I know that I’m a hypocrite.

So, I’ve been told (by multiple people) that my logic around this whole thing is flawed. Firstly, I’ve been hearing about how I should adopt locally instead of from Korea (similar to a lot of arguments I hear about how the government should help their own people before they help Syrians… but that’s a whole other story). Here’s my response to that: I can care about whatever cause I want. End of story.

But in all seriousness, regardless of where these animals are coming from, they are in need. What makes a local dog more deserving of a home than one that is coming from halfway around the world? I went to all of the local shelters and to be honest, a lot of them were no kill and not at full capacity. I also applied to volunteer there and was never called back even though I followed up three times. Now, I really want to be clear. I am not saying that these local shelters aren’t in need of support and I’m not saying that these animals aren’t in need. What I am saying is that I tried to help and was turned down so (in my situation) they didn’t seem to want the help that I was willing to give. Then, I was introduced to another cause and I was able to help so I did.

Now, in regards to the whole dog meat industry. I am aware (as it has been pointed out to me) that I am a hypocrite. I eat meat every day. I eat cow and chicken and pig, so what makes a dog any different? Nothing really, to be completely honest. Nothing except our own preconceived notions. But they are powerful preconceived notions. I believe that thousands of years of dogs being considered companion animals makes them different from livestock. I know that this isn’t necessarily true and pigs and cows are just as emotionally aware as dogs are, but to me there is a difference and I know that that makes me a hypocrite. I don’t believe any animals should be mistreated and there is more I could do to help other animals but I’m not prepared to be vegan. Either way, I’m helping how I can and I now that makes me a hypocrite but I’m ok with it.

What’s the puppy’s name? 

Her name is (drumroll please)… Cana! Pronounced Kay-nah. We originally wanted to name her Ripley, from the Alien franchise (best female movie character of all time) but then everyone we told said, “Oh, like Ripley’s Believe it or Not?” and I really didn’t want to answer that question for the rest of the her life. Cana means wolf pup in old Irish.


18 thoughts on “Officially 2(ish) Weeks Until Puppy Day!

  1. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not? WTF?? Lol. Ellen Ripley RULES! 🙂 So happy you’re getting a puppy. She’s adorable! And, good god, people are so judge-y! Do what you want and believe in what you want to believe. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Thanks, you’re the best. Yeah, everyone has their opinions. I appreciate the different perspectives but really at the end of the day, my hubby and I can do what we want with our lives. It’s funny how there will always be something that people disagree with regardless of what you do. Haters gonna hate.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice one! We got a puppy at the end of last year – a pug named Penny – and while she can be a real handful we wouldn’t change her for the world!

    Hope you get as much love and enjoyment from your pup as we do from Penny! 🙂

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  3. Wow! 1st off, I’m happy for your new addition to the family. 2nd, you’re so awesome for spreading awareness. 3rd, f**k justifications. I get it… some people, right? The dog meat situation always sat uneasily with me too. Our love for dogs is bone deep riding on our instincts. If we everyone had cows for family and friends we might change our mind too. As for adoption, it’s the same with children who were saved from other countries. They may not have the best of odds to survive, whereas North America has more options, let’s say. Everyone should weigh their options and decisions as carefully as you do. I love the name too. And shame on folks for not getting Ripley reference haha I have to put up with that when I tell folks my cat is called Zombie 😉 Great article, Mel. I hope readers are enlightened by the truths you reveal. Right on, #writeon.

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    1. Thanks so much, Dan! Yeah, some people. It’s funny how people have such strong opinions but they aren’t willing to do anything to further whatever cause they’re advocating either. I understand that eating dog is part of their culture and that an animal is an animal but I can’t very likely adopt a cow and have it as a pet. And I understand the double standard and accept it. I’m not sure why anything else matters to anyone else. Thanks so much for your support, you draw some interesting comparisons. I always love your insights. And right?! Who would say Ripley’s Believe it or Not over Alien? It’s a travesty!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. First off, travesty in deed 😉 Second, we’re all full of contradictions. Folks should get used to that before it starts to bug them hehehe. From our point of view, a dog is a pet, so it’s like a friend or family member. It makes total sense when you try and understand that point. It’s like folks who dissect a vegan’s menu, as in if they use soap or leather. To each their own. Anyways, you’re gonna love your new puppy. I’m excited for you. And way to take a stand and publish something to spread awareness.

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